Thinking of selling?

I know.  Your first question is how much do I charge.  5.75%, which is less than the usual 6% most agents charge.  Now, keep in mind that I have to give 3% of that to the agent of the buyer.  If you do any less, you risk an agent not getting too excited to show the house when they can make more somewhere else!  Sometimes I’ll charge a little more if I have to do a lot of prep work before we even list it.  Once I kind of acted like a general contractor for an out of town seller.  I had several months in it before we even hit the market.

I guess the second question you have is what do I do?  Well, today’s buyer’s are online, so I sweat the details when I input my listings.  A lot of agents talk about exposure, but the truth is that just about all real estate websites are feed from the MLS, so if you are on the MLS, you’re getting a ton of exposure.  Exposure can’t sell a house that looks bad online.  All that means is that a lot of people who aren’t coming to see your house have seen it online.   I tend to focus on quality presentation.  The pictures have to be perfect, the best one has to be the lead picture, the marketing remarks really need to convey to a buyer and their agent what is special about this house.  That is what a buyer and their agent are asking me when they are sitting at a computer looking at all the houses in their price range:  “What is so special about this house that will make me actually come out to see it in person.”  I find that if I get it all right, I can get a house sold pretty quickly.  The last thing I want to do is drag this out for you since you’ll be the one living in the house and having to be on call for any showings.

If you’re thinking of selling, or just have questions, feel free to contact me.  I’ll answer your questions without the sales pitch……Take care!

4 thoughts on “Thinking of selling?

  1. Hi JOhn,
    I just happened on your website from google. I love your blogs. Just getting a new website and looking for some content and trying to do some social networking! I am a realtor in Vancouver, BC – I have to start blogging!! Regards, Dale

  2. You do make it happen.
    Seriously, you make it happen and work.
    Recommend my friend to you looking in our markets

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