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I use to ask people to write reviews on here after they worked with me.  I quit doing that a long time ago, but didn’t really want to delete this page.  Most of my work is from past clients or referrals from past clients… I don’t really need to sell myself much any more.  I’m the same guy these people talked about in their reviews, only older and wiser.

21 thoughts on “My Testimonials

  1. We found John via a hot tip from my wife’s co-worker. Having been in Lexington less than a year, it was our lucky day. We came from a very good market (Austin, Tx) so we weren’t sure what to expect nor did we fully have a grasp on the market here from a historical perspective. John is so honest and transparent in his statements that it really helped us make great decisions along the way. As long as John will have us, we will use him again and again and again (my wife would prefer not so many agains.) Good agent and most importantly a good guy. Thanks John!

    1. I haven’t updated this and I feel ashamed. John helped us in a difficult time. While the market was poor, he facilitated the sale as we moved back to Texas. If I could have him here I would do it yesterday. I feel blessed everyday I see his success to know what he did for us. A true gentleman, friend, businessman. If you aren’t engaging him for your next consultation, sale, purchase…..YOU ARE MISSING OUT! I am grateful for him everyday.

  2. This couple sure got it right about you!!!


    Hope to use you soon with a move to Lexington.


  3. My wife and I started looking for a home and spent a lot of time checking out every online resources available. We called to look at a home and he was the Realtor selling the home. We didn’t have a Realtor at the time because of past bad experiences with Realtors. We were surprised that he never tried to push himself on us but seemed very knowledgeable not only about Real Estate but about the different concerns that we saw in the house. After that day my wife and I decided he was going to be our Realtor. He never asked us to sign a contract even after looking at what seemed like 50 different houses. We told him what we were looking for and he provided us with online access to homes that met our criteria. Every time a house came on the market that fit what we were looking for we received an email. I thought this was great because I love looking at houses online. What we didn’t realize is that he actually listened to what we wanted and already had an idea of what we were looking for. So after taking us to see a bunch of homes he called me one day and said “I have the perfect house for you”…and voila! that was the home we purchased and we love our home more with each day.—If you are looking for a Realtor you will not find many better than John Rice!

  4. I’ve utilized John in the past and will continue to utilize him in any and all future sales or purchases. John has extensive knowledge of Lexington and surrounding markets. Couple this with his knack for listening and the result is an agent/representative who actually “gets it” and didn’t lead us down primrose lane wasting our time, but rather targeted our needs and epedited the search process. Great agent and a personality that informs in a humorous and entertaining fashion.

  5. John is a great friend and realtor! We had a complicated situation in buying our house this past year and he kept his cool and worked very hard. And now we are living in our dream home! We highly recommend him!!

  6. So far we’ve bought two houses and sold two houses with John Rice, and we’ve been nothing but pleased with how seamless he makes the buying and selling process. While he keeps things light and humorous, he is all business behind the scenes and makes sure his clients are well taken care of. He’s a great friend, and we regularly recommend him to our friends and colleagues.

  7. In short, John is AMAZING! My more lengthy explanation follows:

    When my husband and I began looking at Lexington for his medicine residency, I found John through a Lexington forum. Reading through his posts on the forum and his blog, I was struck by his knowledge of the area and his honesty. It stood out to me that he truly has a passion for what he does.

    John knew from my initial contact with him that we were not certain that we would be moving to Lexington and would not know for at least another month. This did not seem to affect the amount of attention and help he offered to us. He spent a great deal of time reading and responding to my e-mails, always giving responses that were thorough beyond my expectations. Each e-mail left me more and more in awe of how well John takes care of his clients – even those who are not a guaranteed sale for him!

    We decided to take a weekend trip to Lexington to get a better feel for the area and asked John if we could possibly meet up with him. Regardless of our short notice, he was so accommodating and offered to pick us up at our hotel and take us around Lexington. We spent many hours with him looking at neighborhoods and hearing information that would be pertinent to us if we moved there. In all of our contact with John, he was extremely honest with us. He does not sugar coat things just to make a sale – he is wholly concerned with meeting the needs of his buyers. Being seven hours away from Lexington, I know that I can truly trust his opinion when we ask him about homes that we’ve seen online.

    John listened carefully to us and would occasionally check with us to find out if the impressions he had of our preferences were correct; he is very perceptive! He took care to point out things that we wouldn’t have noticed or thought of otherwise. I am so impressed with his ability to spot the unique needs of his clients and tailor to those.

    My parents moved often when I was growing up, so I saw their interactions with many realtors. John far exceeds any realtor I’ve ever met. He is incredibly genuine and I truly can’t say enough positive about him. If my husband and I do, in fact, end up relocating to Lexington, John will absolutely be our realtor!

  8. Where to start! A co-worker recommended John and I kept his information for awhile before contacting him. I initially sent him an email telling him a little about what I wanted and the area I had in mind. He replied very promptly and began giving me tips, the same day, he and set up an on-line portal so I could view the houses he thought were a good fit. I think we must have looked at 70 or more houses over the course of a month or so, he never once became impatient (and he must have been, because I was picky) and always gave intelligent information. Any question I had, he either knew the answer or searched until he found it. I always brought my Mom with me to look at houses and she loved him immediately (she’s a great judge of character). We finally found the right house and even after the purchase was complete, John continued providing information and checking in. I know without question that I made the right choice…I may have to sell the house someday, but the agent who helped me find it is simply THE BEST! And he’s funny and already agreed to help me when the time comes. He made the buying process so easy for me that there’s no way I would sell or buy again with anyone but him. Thanks John, YOU are the rockstar!

  9. Late last summer, well past the “primetime” for seasonal moving activity was over, we got off the fence and decided to proceed with our plan to relocate to Arkansas due to this dreadful economy. Thanks to a tip from a mutual business associate, we found out about John. We believe he is, without a doubt, the best realtor in Lexington! He is intelligent, kind, ever-patient, thorough, funny, and always professional! We are living “happily ever after” – (well, sort-of, LOL) in Arkansas now thanks to John. His staging advice, excellent photography, and well-witten commentary helped our listing draw immediate attention. Even in the dreadful real estate climate of 2009, we got an offer in 5 days! Although it was not an acceptable offer at first, John helped us negotiate to a place where everyone was satisfied. John has a keen eye for detail, and was able to successfully navigate us through all of the potential pitfalls associated with trying to get from offer to closing. We are forever grateful to him, and honored to call him our friend.

  10. We wanted to sell our home, but we were worried it would be difficult because of the downturn in the market. However, a co-worker of mine sold hers quickly using John, so we decided to give it a go. He gave us great feedback on what areas we needed to focus on in order to get it ready for market. We followed his advice and our house sold in 48 hours! We were amazed and thrilled of course. Because our house was similar to so many others on the market, I credit the quick sale to his pictures and LBAR comments. That really made it stand out. He takes a unique and effective angle on marketing your home. Plus he is courteous, professional, and wildly funny. We recommend him to anyone.

  11. Thanks to a mutual friend, John Rice was referred to me. I was a first time buyer that really didn’t know what to expect. I soon found out that I didn’t have to worry about anything, thanks to John. He made the scary process of buying a house extremely easy. Shortly after meeting John, it was easy to tell that he knew real estate. After we agreed to purchase our house John really went to work for us. Our seller was, let’s say, a little difficult to deal with. At one point, I really felt the deal was going to fall through. But thanks to John’s hard work and perseverance we were able to get the closing over and with little trouble. I couldn’t imagine buying or selling a house without John Rice. As far as we’re concerned, he’s the best realtor around.

  12. We initially hired John on a trial basis (although he didn’t know it at the time. Sorry John.). I had actually “auditioned” two other realtors (as some friends had jumped into the market ahead of us), and seeing the quality of service offered, came away unimpressed. What can I say? It’s a lot of money, and a realtor should provide more than the combination code to the lock-box. My wife saw John’s blog and convinced me to give him a look. I’m glad I took her advice.

    John took the time to understand what we wanted in a house, and gently steered us toward what is our first home. Along the way we peppered him with hundreds of e-mails containing thousands of questions and probably more than a few rants borne of the frustrations that go hand-in-hand with buying a house. John was always prompt, informative, and friendly. We continue to bug him with questions and requests, and he continues to be very helpful for us. His after-sales-service is impeccable.

    We recommend John because he provides sound advice, endless patience, and good humor when things get a little hairy in the house search.

  13. Casey and I met John through a friend that recommended we list Casey’s townhouse with him. We had it listed with a previous realtor for 3 months prior and did not have a good experience at all!! Casey and I were in a tough situation because we were getting married in 2 weeks and needed to combine everything into one home. We met with John and we really had a good feeling about him. 2 weeks went by and Casey and I were in the terminal on our way back from our honeymoon, Casey turned his phone on and had about 50 messages from John 🙂 We had an offer and the house was sold!!! 2 weeks, you cant beat that at all! That was our first experience with John.

    Casey and I listed our home with John just to see what would happen with all the first time home buyer incentives out there. We should have known better than list it with JOHN!! It sold in 3 weeks.

    Basically what I am trying to say is he is GREAT! I would recommend him to any friends and family. He is always on top of the game.

    Thank you John for such a great experience!

  14. We were a little intimidated by the perspective of selling our first home. Lucky we were to find John on the web! He conducted the whole home-selling process in very relaxed yet professional manner. John skilfully and patiently navigated us thru every step, before and after the sale. Our house was sold a week after John had listed it.

    How did our buyers find and why did they pick our house? How did we find John Rice, the realtor?
    Ask John yourself, he knows better.

  15. John is probably the best realtor Warren and I have ever worked with. Not only is he very personable, he is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to Lexington real estate.

    When we decided to relocate to Lexington, I stumbled across John’s blog and started to follow his postings. He seemed very realistic about the whole real estate transaction. I originally contacted him just to get information about different areas of Lexington to start our search for rentals because we hadn’t sold our home yet. John offered to help us find a rental. While searching for a rental, our house sold and John quickly changed gears and started helping us find a home to purchase. He was always available and made us feel like we were his only client at the time even though we knew he had other clients.

    John made the whole process relatively painless and as stress-free as a real estate transaction can be. We would highly recommend John to any buyer who wants an honest, thorough, and entertaining agent.

  16. I contacted John after reading his posts on the Lexington forum. He really seemed to know a lot about the area and to give people very insightful answers.

    I am very happy that we sold / bought with him! John is easy to talk to and really nice to work with. My husband and I don’t always see eye to eye on things when looking at houses and John’s laid back nature helped keep us looking at the big picture.

    John is very good at managing all the details involved in buying/selling and kept us up to date in a very timely manner once we sold our house and were working on buying our new house. I really appreciated his attention to detail! I also appreciate that whenever we asked for recommendations on who to use for various things the people he recommended turned out to be great to work with too.

    I would definitely recommend John to anyone who is looking for someone knowledgeable about the area and knowledgeable about how to smoothly complete real estate transactions!!

  17. -“I’m happy to help you with canceling your insurance/electricity/water… but do you mind if I ask you… how long was your house on the market?”
    -“In less than a month we had a contract, now we’re closing a month after that.”
    -“Wow! That’s incredible!”

    That was a conversation I had more than a couple times last week when making phone calls after closing on the sale of our home in Lexington, KY.

    When it came time to sell our house, in the worst housing market of my life, I never doubted that it could be done. We had a great house, my wife and I lived there for the first years of our lives together, and I knew it could be equally good to someone else.

    I called John and he was honest with me about what it would take: some work, some letting go (yes, I would have to say goodbye to our orange living room and green bedroom), and a realistic price. I wasn’t initially pumped about the pricing, as I’d seen what some similar houses were listing for and had romantically imagined a high-dollar sale for our house [side note… those neighboring houses are still on the market]. But I listened and said “let’s do it.” John’s track record had more than proven itself, and he’s the expert, not me.

    I gave him total free reign to have the walls painted, some floors redone, and furniture re-arranged. He took attractive photos, pointed out the parts of our home that we had fallen in love with, and listed it right next to those higher-priced messier houses. I can’t say that I was entirely surprised when he told me we had not one but multiple offers a month later.

    Thank you John for your care, honesty, and hard work in selling our house. We may have picked the worst time to sell, but even in a bad market the best house with the best marketing rises quickly to the top.

  18. I’ve known John for years, but have never utilized his reality services. The sale of my townhome was rather complicated and emotional. His patience, persistence, and knowledge about the field were the exact qualities I needed. Saying “thank you” just doesn’t seem enough, but spreading the word about John and wanting to use him again in a heartbeat will have to do.

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