Today I thought I would write about the Gainesway neighborhood.  It was built on the old Gainesway Farm.  I use to live in the “New” part of this area.  New means 1973.  Gainesway has an awesome location.  You can get to Tates Creek, New Circle, Man O War and Alumni sooooo easy.  It is also about half way between all the good shopping out Nicholasville Rd. and all the good shopping at Hamburg.

Most of the neighborhood was built in the 1950’s, so it is mainly ranches.  There are a handful of Cape Cods, Spilt Foyers, Split Levels, and traditional 2 story houses.  The lots are generous.  It seems to me that there are alot of long time residents in this area.  When houses come up for sale, they seem to be pretty outdated.  Atleast from the ones I have seen.  The newer sections of Gainesway are on the other side of Greentree Rd.  and go all the way back to Pimlico Parkway.  From there, the area kind of starts to blend in with Park Hills and Carriage Lane.

 Here is what I see as the Pluses:  Location, big Yards, solidly built houses, value for the square footage.

 Here are the Drawbacks:  The school district isn’t very popular.  (I am trying to avoid saying the school district is “Bad”)  It can be noisy on the northern part of the neighborhood since that area backs up to New Circle Rd.

Little known facts:  The city owned golf course used to be a country club.  The houses near the intersection of Gainesway and Pimlico Parkway were very high end when new and were on the Tour of Homes in their day.  The newest part of Gainesway was called “Fairway.”  There are 2 brick columns on Pimlico Parkway stating such.  The streets in the older sections were named after horse farms, and the newer sections were named after race tracks.

 Things to watch for:  Settlement.  Alot of houses in that area seem to have more foundation problems than I usually see.  Claiborne is a very busy street, even though it doesn’t look like it would be.  Check out a map.  Claiborne runs between Gainesway and Greentree.  It is a popular route for residents of adjoining neighborhoods to travel.

Click HERE to see all of the listings in Gainesway!

One thought on “Gainesway

  1. Great information, John! I’m a big fan of Gainesway, too. Any chance of doing a post about Andover sometime? I hear that there are some great deals over there right now.

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