Palomar Hills-A good pick!

I just sold a house in Palomar last month.  It had been a while since I had really taken a good look at that neighborhood.  Probably been about a year since I sold a house out there.  I really like Palomar.  That is easy to say, since there isn’t really anything to not like about it.

That neighborhood was new about the time I started college, so lets just call it the late 80’s.  Back then, it was kind far out.  Now it doesn’t seem that way at all.

To me, you can divide Palomar into about 6 sections.  All of them are good.  When most people think Palomar, I think they are mainly talking about the big expensive house part, which is around Palomar Blvd, Palmetto and Peppertree.  This part is a little more stately that the rest of the neighborhood.  Prices run from $300-500k.  Occasionally you can find one under $300k.

Another big house section is a little further down Palmetto towards Mangrove.  The houses are a few years newer.  The lots seem to be a little smaller and basements aren’t as common.  It is still a very nice area.  My favorite thing about this part is that there is only one way in and out.  Great for kids!  Prices are in the mid $200k range without a basement and up to about $325k with a finished one.

The next area is on part of Lyon Drive and Palmetto Springs.  A few houses on Lyon and all of Palmetto Springs were built by Peter Soteropoulos in the mid 90’s.  Most of these houses are in the $190-250k range.  I guess this is where I should mention a cul-de-sac at the end of Lyon.  There are a handful of almost new houses on this street.  They were geared more towards empty nesters, I think.  The yards are tiny.  Some of them back to the patio of the restaurant in that old house on Harrodsburg Rd.

Then you have a street called Valencia.  These houses remind me of something out in California.  Their lots slope down to Man O War Blvd, so they are built into the side of a hill.  This area hasn’t done as well lately as you would think.  There has been a lot of turnover.  I think you have to really want almost no yard to enjoy this area.  While it ain’t for me, I can see the attraction that a small slice of the market will have with these houses. 

The last single Family part is called “The Glades.”  These two streets, Maura and Glade, have houses built in the 90’s by Schneider Designs.  There is also a couple of buildings with townhouses.  I like this area.  It has a nice cozy feel to it.  Most of the houses have a first floor bedroom.  Since they are from probably 1200-1700 square feet, they are popular with empty nesters.  I know of several people who downsized from their big Palomar house to this area.  That is always a good sign.  The only thing I don’t like are the ones that face Man O War.  I have been over there really early in the morning and have heard the drive-thru at McDonalds!  Prices in this part are from about $140-165k.

The last part of Palomar is the condo/townhouse section.  There is a nice little cluster of them about in the middle of the neighborhood.  This seems to attract empty nesters and retirees.  The streets are Stone Garden, Terrace Woods, and Rockledge.  It is very well kept.  Some have a nice view of a small pond.  It is a short walk to the park/clubhouse/pool.

One of the things that makes Palomar unique is the park, clubhouse and pool.  A few neighborhoods like this have a clubhouse with a pool, but Palomar also has a really sweet park.  I think it would be a great spot to take walks, or take my kids to play.  It is really pictureque.  You pay $600 a year to join.  It is mandatory for most of the nieghborhood.

 The schools districts is one of the best.  Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School and Rosa Parks Elementary are 2 of the most sought after schools.   The airport is close.  You have a nice shopping center right across Man o War with a Wal-Mart grocery store, fast food, hardware store, gas station, bank, fitness club and Panera Bread.

I rate Palomar as a good value.  It has well defined boundaries, so the threat of a neighboring area negatively effecting values is a longshot.  Behind Peppertree, there is an agricultural piece of land.  Who knows what that will one day become, but there is no where for a road to connect the two areas.  

Like I said, there really isn’t anything to not like about Palomar.

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