4 Things that will get your house sold…Fast!

Here we are at that time of year when people are about to put their house on the market.  Selling is all about online presentation and making your house look good.  No magic.  No light show.  No fireworks.  Since anybody who has ever watched HGTV knows to declutter and do some fresh neutral paint, I’ll just skip all that.

1.  Pricing your house correctly is the best thing you can do.  You house is worth what it is worth.  There is no need to leave “wiggle room.”  I often just round up to the nearest $5000 mark since most people search in those increments.  The strategy is that your house will appear to be a better value than the house that is worth the same amount but priced higher for that wiggle room.  When sellers let me do this it has always worked and they have always got about 99% of their asking price.

2.  The internet.  Something like 80% of buyers and 100% of realtors use the internet these days for their search. A lot of people (and realtors) think getting the most exposure is the goal, but the quality of the exposure is what counts.  Way back in the day, you had to make exposure happen.   Now, just about every place online that let’s you search for houses is fed from the MLS.  Zillow, yahoo, even brokerage sites like Re/Max.com, are all fed from the MLS.  About the only places it won’t be is on for sale by owner sites.  Just for fun, try googling an address of a house that recently sold.  Quality is what matters.  If it doesn’t look good online, people assume it doesn’t look good in person either.  Gone are the days when people would take the time to see a house just in case.

3.  The pictures have to be right.  First, make your house look as good as possible.  Then get somebody that knows how to take good pictures, rather than somebody who just owns a camera.  If a picture looks shady and dark, buyer’s will think the house is shady and dark.  The pictures are to make somebody want to see the house.  The pictures really sell the showing.

4.  Buyers need to know what makes your house special.  Every house is special.  There is more to your house than just the square footage and bedroom count.  Got a great shady spot in the backyard?  Is it on a peaceful street?  Does it have any storage space?  Buyers need to  know about things like that.  Here is a hint, it is almost always the same reason that you picked it when you were faced with a decision.

There you have it 🙂

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