Why I won’t spend this $35

I was totally LOL when I checked my e-mail this morning.  I had been “Invited” to attend a conference that promised, for a mere $35, to tell me the secret of what buyers want out of their realtor today.  It was funny to me because 1)  You would think ANY realtor should already know that, and 2) because what a buyer (and seller) want hasn’t changed to make it any different “Today” that yesterday.

I don’t know what this conference will teach agents, but here is what I would expound on it I were the keynote speaker:

1)  You must care about your clients.  That is something that can’t be taught, and can’t be easily faked.  If you don’t really care about them, then you should get out of the business.  In fact, if you don’t care, you’ll probably go out of business!

2)  You must know the market and your town like the back of your hand.  Otherwise, what good are you.  You may be able to fool somebody once, but they aren’t going to send their friends and family to you.  People come to you because you (should) have knowledge that they don’t.  My dad told me when I was a kid that to be successful in business you have to do something that the customer doesn’t know how to do, doesn’t want to do, or doesn’t have time to do.

3)  The client wants you to make it all about them, and that’s the way it should be.  You’re only there because of them.  Your interests ARE their interests.

4)  The client wants your attention………..WHEN THEY WANT IT.  I got a call from a nice, but busy agent last night.  He wanted to show a listing of mine that had been pending for over a week and had closed about 3 hours earlier.  I really felt sorry for the buyer because his agent is running about a week behind, scheduling listings that his client obviously wanted to see a week ago.  This means quickly responding to calls, e-mails, texts too.

5)  The client wants your patience.  This is a huge decision to them.  One that they will have to live with long after you cash the commission check.  They don’t want to feel rushed, or that you think they are being too picky.

I could go on for a lot longer.  Basically I would say that there is no new gimmick out there that can replace being an honest, knowledgeable, caring local expert.  I would tell them to view the transaction from the clients standpoint, rather than their own.   I would tell them to hone their knowledge of their market rather than taking the responsibility to remind everybody of day light savings.  I would tell them that substance is more important than style.

I’d tell them all that, but I think a lot of agents would want their $35 back!

What do you think??

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