Feeling sorry for sellers with sorry agents

I was just thinking about some of the sellers out there in the world.  Here they are, wanting to sell their house and get on with their life somewhere else.  They’ve decluttered, touched up paint, cleaned parts of their house that they’ve never cleaned before, and their Realtor has stuck a big sign in the front yard that they have to mow around.

Let me tell you about some of the faceless sellers that I have almost crossed paths with.  Just last week, there was a seller of a nice stone bungalow in 40502 that almost got his house shown to my buyer.  I say almost because after texting and calling, their agent NEVER called me back.  Now, it is a real pain in the you know where for me to have to track down an agent as if they were a disobedient teenager, but I feel sorry for these people since we’ll never know if their house could have sold that day or not.  I even tried this agent’s office, who assured me that the agent wasn’t on vacation or anything.

Another seller I felt sorry for was the one who had an agent that was enjoying her weekend on the lake when I called to show their house.  This agent did call me back…..just about 18 hours after I wanted to show it.  My buyer had moved on by that point.

And I really feel sorry for the sellers of one agent in town whose listings most agents try to avoid because this person is such a jerk.  I’ve heard other agents say that they have told their buyers about this person, and the buyers have said they’ll just skip the house then. 

How are these?  The seller whose agent asks me if my buyer can really afford the house when I call to see it.  Gee, that really starts everything off on the right foot.  The seller who just got done edging his beautiful green lawn, but has pictures of his house online with six inches of snow on the ground.  The seller with the really creative agent who uses the marketing remarks to tell you that it is a “Great House.”  Or the one whose agent thought that being a realtor automatically qualified them to be a photographer too?  All too common are the sellers whose houses have the wrong school district, the wrong neighborhood name, the wrong zip code, or even worse, have been on the market for 6 weeks and there are still no pictures uploaded.

I feel sorry for all these sellers because they picked a sorry agent and don’t even know it.

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