Lexington Ky Real Estate: See why THIS house won’t sell?

Wow….I was in a house yesterday that has a zero percent chance of selling.  Want to know why?  We couldn’t even see the house. 

Get this:  As we walk up to the front door, there is writing of different colors on the inside of the living room window.  I assume it is erasable, but it was distracting.  Then, I get the key and open the door.  I see two cats that I am nervous about letting out and I hear a TV going full blast.  Naturally, that makes me think that somebody is home, so I spend those first few critical minutes wanting to make sure nobody is about to come out of the shower wearing only a towel.

It doesn’t get much better from here, but at least I think we are alone in the house.  Inside, there is sooooo much stuff all over.  The counter tops are full, and I believe there is a fridge behind all the magnets.  We go downstairs to the basement.  The dryer is going.  There is a sign on the door to the garage that says the dogs are in there….so we just assume it is a typical 2 car garage and go upstairs.

Back upstairs, we see a giant box, filled with towels and toiletries……yes.  It is the bathroom!  Next we go into the master bedroom.  There is a giant pile of unfolded clothes on the bed.  As I go to see the master bathroom, I notice something move out of the corner of my eye.  There is a dog on the floor in a kennel.  There is so much stuff in the room as well as on top of the kennel that I could never have known there was a dog in the room had it not moved.  The funny thing is that just as I was about to tell my client about the dog, I see ANOTHER dog in a kennel on the other side of the room.  After a good laugh, we go out into the hall.  One of the bedrooms doors was shut.  I say to my client that I really don’t want to open the door unless she reaaaaaaally wants to see in.  At that point, she expresses the obvious, which is that she has no interest in this house.

I feel sorry for sellers  and their agents when I see a house like this.  Why?  Because it is NEVER going to sell.  That means a seller who is mad at the listing agent because the house isn’t selling and a listing agent who has to have that uncomfortable talk with a seller about making your house look good for a buyer.  I also feel sorry for buyers who will be disappointed and their agents who have to walk around the house in fear that somebody could be home like I did. 

When we got back in the car.  I asked my client if she remembered what color the cabinets were?  What color the counter top was?  Did the kitchen have tile or vinyl floors?  What color was the carpet?  She didn’t know……and neither did I!!  However, we both had a big list of things we remembered,  just nothing about the house itself.

If you want to sell your house, you must make it something that somebody else will want.  It isn’t about you at this point.  It is about the buyer.  Would you expect to find a dirty vehicle at a car lot when you are buying?  Do you skip over the can at the grocery store with the torn label?  Would you buy something in a box that looked like it had been opened and then re-taped?  If you are a seller, realize that a buyer expects the same things that you would.

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