Common Game Realtors Play to Get You to List

A while back, I talked to a potential client about listing her place.  I told her what I thought it was worth, just like I always do.  I want to be straight with people so they can start making their plans based on what is most likely to happen.

She wanted to get more for it.  Percentage wise, it was much more.  I had plenty of comps to back up my claim of the value.  Many of the comparable sales were nicer than her place and sold for less than she would accept.  Needless to say, she didn’t go with me.  She used another agent who listed it for much  more than it will ever sell.

Now, it may seem like this is going to be about the seller, but it is really about the other agent she picked.  I have no issue with the seller.  She isn’t a realtor or an investor.  She is just somebody trying to move and get the most for her place.  Totally respect that, since it was also my goal for her.

Every agent wants listings.  Why?  They want their phone to ring with other potential clients.  They also know that trying to get a client is the hardest part of being in real estate.   Heck, I want all that too, but not at the expense of my client.

What this agent did totally annoys me.  He would have listed her house for whatever number it took to get her to sign the contract.  I see this all the time.  Then the price reduction game begins, until they seller eventually drops the price to the point that it will sell.  What gets me about this is meanwhile, the seller is making big financial plans based on an amount of money that they simply are not going to get….all so the agent can get a listing.  Could have been my listing if I didn’t care so much about my people.

Want to know something funny?  I got a call from this seller today.  She thought she was calling the agent she listed it with.  She said she got my message.  I told her I hadn’t called her.  She said that she got a message saying that another unit in her complex had sold at auction and that we needed to talk…….Don’t know about you, but it sounds like he is about to try to get a price reduction out of her.

 I hope for her sake he is going to suggest the same number I had told her….That way she’ll get her place sold and can get on with her life.

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