How to get buyers to want to see your house Pt 2: Marketing Remarks

Do I need to tell you this is a blog about Lexington real estate, or that the topic today is marketing remarks?  Heck no!  You probably googled words or phrases that got you here or saw it in the title……Then WHY do realtors always tell you the info you already know?  What a waste of time.  I mean, if you entered you wanted a 4 bedroom home with 2 or more baths, why do they say in the marketing remarks stuff like “This great 4 bedroom home with 2 baths is a must see.”

If you aren’t interested in history, skip down a few paragraphs.

See, back a long time ago, there were no pictures to market a house.  Go even further and there was no MLS.  All an agent had was open houses, networking, and a sheet of paper in a tube out in the yard.  Back in the day, words were all you had.

Then realtors had books with one picture of every house for sale.  Those were more targeted for agents than consumers so it had marketing remarks like “Great 3/2 split plan.  Curtains do not convey.  Appliances not warranted. ”  It was all about getting info to the agent that he/she would need to know to answer the buyers questions.

Then the agent got the same info on a computer disc.  Then the age of the internet came and changed the game, but most agents still kept some of the old methods.

Okay, history lesson is done.  Back to today.  We now know that EVERYbody, even agents, use the internet to search for houses.  We know that ALL search engines let you pick bedroom count, price, bathroom count, and some even let you refine the search more.  Soooooo, there is no need to repeat the same info the searcher just typed in within the marketing remarks.  All that info is also usually up at the top of the listing in a little summary of the main details.

What should the marketing remarks be used for then?  To catch (and keep) a buyer’s attention.   Searchers get bored easy since there are typically dozens of listings to look though that match their criteria.  You’ve got to tell them what is unique about the house.  If all you tell them is the same stuff that is in every other listing, then your house just blends in, rather than standing out.

Sure, I do mention anything new, or features that I know buyers like, but I try to say things that you can’t tell from the pictures… if a house is on a quiet street, has a lot of natural light, which side of the house the sun sets on if it makes for a shady patio, if there is anything close that can be walked to, or if the driveway is flat (great in the winter and for a basketball goal in the summer.)

Bottom line is that the pictures do most of the work, and the marketing remarks are for info that can’t be seen and to describe what is unique, not common, about a house……and  if you made it to this point, I must be pretty good at keeping the public’s attention 😉

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