This Realtor mistake can cost you thousand$

I’ve been wondering how long it would take for this to happen now that the market is so hot…….half baked listings popping up on the MLS.  You know, these are the ones with either no pictures or only one shot with a cell phone, no marketing remarks, or a combination of both?  The agent wants to get it on the market quickly and then will add pictures/remarks later.

I totally understand the urge to get a listing on the market ASAP these days, but putting a listing on that isn’t fully presented is a mistake.  Your best chance to sell for top dollar is when the listing is brand new.  That means you want all the buyers currently in the market to come all at once.  The colder the listing gets, the more comfortable today’s buyers feel about writing a lower offer since they are not afraid of losing it.

During the last seller’s market, the norm was to just get it online and then add pictures or marketing remarks later.  It wasn’t that great of an idea back then either.  I think it was more laziness than strategy.  Probably still is?  It is especially not a good idea today because all the big real estate sites like Trulia or Zillow are IDX feeds from the MLS.  The problem is that there is a delay in updates.  The agent who finally decides to add more pictures or marketing remarks can do so instantly on the local MLS, but it will take a couple of days before they automatically appear on other popular sites….again, this drags out the process and we want a buyer to feel like they might lose this hot new listings if they don’t pull the trigger ASAP.

So, I still like to get all my pictures ready, have my marketing remarks written, make sure the house is at it’s best before I click the submit button.   My strategy seems to work since the past several listings have sold in multiple offers as soon as they hit the market.  My clients are happy.  I am happy.  It is all good that way.

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