Remember when the Hamburg area was considered to be “North side”?

I still remember when Greenbrier was way out in the country. When there was nothing on Liberty Road past New Circle except the Eastland Church of God. When there was a road called Bryant that ran from Todds Road to Winchester Road.

Times sure change. Back then, the area we now call “Hamburg” was NOT within the boundaries of what was considered the good part of town. Back then, anything on the east side of Richmond Road was considered to be in North Lexington. We just had Chevy Chase, South Lexington and North Lexington as the only way of dividing up the town.

Whenever I get nostalgic about Lexington, it also makes me wonder what it will be like in another 25 years……so, here goes:

No doubt that new schools are coming. We need a couple of elementary schools to serve the whole 40509/Hamburg area. I am sure a middle and high school are in the pipeline already. Not only could we use one now, this area is really the last piece of Lexington inside the urban service area that has yet to be developed.

Take a look at a map of this part of town and you can already see where it is all going. The only big chucks of land to build houses on are in the Blackford Parkway/Polo Club area, Summerfield and Chilesburg. Once those are gone we will have to expand the urban service area or focus on small infill development. As far as commercial goes, Hamburg will look just the same on both sides of the interstate. Man O War will need to be widened all the way to Winchester Road. Winchester Road will need to be widened all the way to Man O War.

What neighborhoods do I see that will become more desirable in this area? There are several.

Greenbrier use to be out in the country and is now practically surrounded by newer neighborhoods. Having the golf course, the big trees and big lots will make this the totally classic neighborhood that everybody loves…, it is the only choice out this way for something in it’s price range that is more than 25 years old!

Eastland (not ALL of Eastland) will become a popular choice for people wanting to be closer in to town and wanting a bigger yard. I am talking about those bigger houses off of Eastland Parkway near Winchester Road. There use to be nothing past Eastland until Hamburg. Now that Summerfield and Patchen Wilkes neighborhoods have been built, I think the perception of this area has changed. Now people see only the positive of being 5 minutes to Hamburg and 5 minutes to downtown. They call this the “Hamburg area” instead of the “North end”. There are not too many neighborhoods in town where you get the old and new so close. Ok, some of you may have noticed that this post is about 40509/Hamburg and Eastland is in 40505…..but it is just 500 feet from 40509!!

Bluegrass Wilkes is a neighborhood that use to be on nobody’s radar. Do you even know where it is?? I use to wonder why anybody would build a neighborhood behind all those fast food places off the interstate. Now, it is right across from Hamburg and people are considering Winchester Road to be within the boundaries of the “Good” side of town. Since these houses are very affordable, I don’t see a huge value increase, but I can see more people considering it verses Timber Creek or anything up and down Liberty Road.

Summerfield is no doubt super hot right now. I think that will continue. Like Eastland, there aren’t many parts of town where you can get to both downtown and a major new retail mecca depending on if you drive 5 minutes left or 5 minutes right as you leave your neighborhood. If you want a new/newer house in such a location….it is your only choice. See, most of Lexington’s main arteries developed consistently over time. You start from downtown and drive out and you can see the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s. Not Winchester Road. It pretty much stopped in the mid 70’s and then you have brand new stuff. I think that is cool and probably why that neighborhood has been so successful.

Andover Hills and Andover Forest will always be super nice, but everybody already knows that!

I do wonder what 2038 will look like. I guess Ball Homes will have neighborhoods clear out to the Clark County line. The most desirable schools will be on this side of town. Traffic will increase. Roads will be widened. Why do I think all this? Because that is what has happened in south Lexington for the past 25 years until we ran out of room to build.

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