A picture with a comment is worth more than 1000 words

2445 Doubletree - 040 new

I’ve been writing messages on pictures for years. At first, I thought it was a good idea to make my listings stand out from the others. It is a time saver too because people would rather see a picture than read a description and you can let them do both at the same time. Plus it is more fun. I’ve been saying for a long time that people come to the internet these days expecting to be entertained. Are you on Facebook? Notice how all it is now are reposts of pictures with a comment or phrase on them?

The picture above is a new listing I have. It is such a nice house, in such a nice neighborhood, on such an awesome lot, in the most desirable school district that I really didn’t have to put out much effort to market it……but I did. That is exactly how I have been describing it to my wife and friends, so I thought I’d hit those highlights on the picture. It’s had 59 hits in less than 3 hours already. Plan must be working.

Here is a link to my profile on our local MLS if you want to check out my listings:

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