These sellers wished they had called me FIRST!

I’ve had 5 deals this year that all had something in common. I was the 2nd agent to list the houses. They did not sell the first time they were listed.

One of them was in Winchester. It is a nice house. Like most houses, it needed a few tweaks to make it sell. The previous agent didn’t offer the seller any advice. The presentation was terrible. The pictures looked like they were taken with a cell phone, then printed, scanned and uploaded. I’ve had granola bars that were less grainy.

We did some painting. Moved some furniture, replaced a counter top. I presented it well. I even raised the list price by $1000 compared to the last agent. Within 7 days, it sells.

The next one actually sold before I had time to make pictures. I got two showings on this place before I listed it just from networking. I was so relieved because I didn’t have to pay my photographer to shoot it! I listed it for $600 more than the last agent.

Another one took a while to sell since it was a unique property, but I got it done. This was an older house in an area where a lot of younger people are buying. It came across a little dated, so we spruced it up, did my old “Two Adirondack chairs and a firepit” trick in the backyard and sold it.

I sold another one by word of mouth. I was actually presenting the offer at the same time the seller was signing the listing docs.

The last one was on acreage in Jessamine Co. It was a nice house, but was presented terribly. The previous agent was so sorry she never came back to get her lockbox off their door.

All of these were sellable properties. On a couple of them, the first agent just didn’t know how to price the house. On others the first agent didn’t know how to make the house appealing both online and in person to buyers. And on all of them, according to the sellers, the first agents never gave them any feedback on why their house was not selling. All of these sellers were willing to make needed adjustments. I think it is a shame they had to suffer with their house on the market for 6 or more months like that.

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