MINI Coopers/Real Estate….Same Thing


I sold my parent’s MINI Cooper to the first person that looked it, and in about 18 hours after posting. You might think this doesn’t have anything to do with real estate. It doesn’t. It has to do with human nature, which is really what sales is all about.

I didn’t do anything pushy. I didn’t use Jedi mind control nor magic. I just made it easy for somebody to say YES to the car.

Here is what I did. It is the same thing I do for selling my listings:

1. First you’ve got to determine what it is worth. You look at recent sales and your active competition. You want whatever it is you are selling to be one of the top choices for a buyer. If it is not, you end up waiting for all the better choices to sell first.

2. You make it look it’s best. For the car, I detailed it. For a house, this might mean painting, moving some furniture, etc.

3. You’ve got to make it standout among the competition. Pictures and marketing remarks is how you do this. For the car, I figured the fact that it was a well maintained one owner car with a giant sunroof and seat heaters were the most attractive features. Rather than just say it had a sunroof and seat heaters, I showed it in the pictures.

4. You’ve got to present it well. For a house that means have the yard mowed, the mulch fresh and all the lights on for when the people walk inside. For the car, I washed it right before the buyer showed up and parked it at the end of my driveway so he could see it as he pulled up.

Whatever it is you are selling, the goal is to remove obstacles that make the buyer hesitant to pull the trigger. If there was anything major that this car needed, the buyer would have been thinking about the work he had to do to it, rather than fantasizing about driving it with that giant sunroof open. If the carpet is worn in your house, it is harder for a buyer to immediately say yes to it.

And keep this in mind too……ANY buyer that comes to see your house (or car) more than likely wants it or they would not be there. You already have half the battle won if you have accurately presented it. The guy buying my parent’s car asked if they had the title with them before he drove 70+ miles to see it. See, he had already decided that IF the car lived up to how it was presented, he was going to buy it. And he did. For the full asking price.

No magic, no persuasive words, no sales pitch. It was all about making it easy for this guy to do what he already wanted to do, which was buy a well maintained MINI Cooper with a giant sunroof.

I can tell you from experience that ALL buyers walking into your house are hoping it will be the one for them. Make it easy for them to say YES to buying it from you!

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