Neighborhood Review: Beaumont Enclave

You know, it is amazing to me how spending a little time in an area can change your perception of it.  I have been in Beaumont Enclave several times before.  I always thought it was a nice area in a convenient spot of town, but it never really impressed me as some place that I would want to live. 

I have been working with an out of town buyer who will only be here for 3 years.  They wanted a house in a great school district that would be easy to sell when that time came.  After doing some research on which neighborhoods in SW Lexington seemed to sell the quickest, I determined that Beaumont Enclave would be a wise choice.

This area was built by Cutter Homes, which was later acquired by Beazer Homes.  Many of you may remember a few years back that Beazer replaced the brick and most windows on much of the neighborhood.  During that time, it was a little harder to sell one of them.  That is now history.  With all the repairs done, the neighborhood is pretty hot on buyer’s lists!

Why is that?  Well, for starters, you have the premier elementary school, Rosa Parks, right in the neighborhood.  You also have Dunbar High School very close by.  There is a great, open park with a walking trail.  Many of the houses on Allegheny face the park.  Add all this to the fact that you are in an area where houses usually are priced from $350,000 to over a million dollars, and you can see why people in the $200,000 to $235,000 range want to live here.

Having been in many of the houses, I can say that they have a real livable floor plan.  Most don’t seem to have a formal dining room, but nobody really uses those these days.  All the ones we saw had either a loft upstairs or a huge 4th bedroom.  From the original marketing sheets I have seen, it looks like there was a choice to make that space open or close it off if you needed the 4th bedroom.  I was amazed  that many had walk-in closets even in the secondary bedrooms!

The one by peeps are buying inspected wonderfully.  They even had a radon test done.   I was a little concerned since I have always heard that Beaumont has a higher level of radon than usual.   Their house came in at less than half the level that needs abatement.

Predictions:  This area will stay stable.  Being on the low end of a high end area, I can see new owners doing some major upgrades to their houses.  The area will support it.  Don’t know if this is a trend, but  2 of the sellers I met are buying in the more expensive parts of Beaumont.  That is always a good sign when sellers stay in the area!

Pros:  The park, Rosa Parks Elementary being in the neighborhood, Dunbar High School district, shopping/dining within Beaumont, easy to get on New Circle Road or Man O War, 5 minutes to the airport.

Cons:  Maybe some traffic when school starts and ends.  There is a no left turn sign during specific hours on Sovereign by the school, so that makes me thing there is some traffic.  Some of the houses on Allegheny back to New Circle Road and the Beaumont Apartments.  Granted these apartments are very upscale, but some buyer’s don’t want that.  You’ll probably hear some traffic from the airport, but no more than anybody else living in Southwest Lexington.

I am more of a East Lexingtonian, but if I were ever to move to that part of town, I would put Beaumont Enclave at the top of my list!

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