1994 Grand Tour of Homes~Thoughts

Sometimes I need something to read before I go to sleep.  Being the house junkie that I am, I found myself looking through the booklet for the 1994 Grand Tour of Homes.  Yeah, I know this is kind of nerdy, but houses and cars are the only 2 things that I am really into.  Since this is a real estate blog, I’ll skip going into all the useless car facts I know such as that the 1968 Corvette was not a “Stingray”, even though the 1967 & 1969 Vette’s were Stingrays.  In fact, the ’67s were Sting Rays (2 words) and the ’69s were Stingrays (1 word).

I remember going into all 29 houses on the tour that year.  The new neighborhoods back then were all outside Man-O-War, mainly out Harrodsburg Road and Todds Road.

I guess  my thoughts on seeing this booklet again is that the higher end houses aren’t worth as much today as you’d think they would be.   Back then, pickled cabinets were all the rage.  The higher end houses had things like gold fixtures and mauve toilets.  I remember thinking that they looked good for right NOW, but like all things high style, they would become tomorrow’s eyesore.

That is why I think the higher end houses from 15 years ago haven’t appreciated as much if they have not been updated.  It costs a fortune to update any house yet alone a big one.  Plus, the buyers of those big houses don’t want to revisit the trendiest styles of 1994.  Meanwhile, the modestly priced houses back then had chrome fixtures and oak cabinets.  Those finishes are totally acceptable today for buyer’s of  average priced homes. 

Even in my 10-15 year old neighborhood I see the non-updated houses selling for just over $200,000 and the recently updated ones quickly getting over $250,000.  My own house could have been on the cover of the 1998 Tour of Homes.  It has a green counter top and floor PLUS those dreaded pickled cabinets in the bathroom. 

As I update my own house this year, I am going for more of a timeless look.  I don’t want somebody to look at it in 15 years and say “That is sooooo 2009!”

(Kind of random today, but the point is that I recommend NOT getting the trendiest finishes when you build or remodel.  They hurt you in the long run.)

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