What’s to love about Masterson Station?

Okay……If you are one of those people that frowns on cookie cutter houses and the lack of character, go a head and hit the back button.  If you like newer suburban areas………well, read on.

Here is what I like about Masterson Station:  It is a big neighborhood, so that helps with stability.  I always see people out walking their dogs, pushing baby strollers, kids on bikes, etc.  It seems like a friendly place to live……..And they have a brand new elementary school on one of the main drags through the neighborhood.

What some folks think is a drawback is that it is kind of away from everything.  There isn’t a whole lot of shopping around that part of town.   Also, there is a minimum security prison across the street from the west end of the neighborhood.  Now this is such a minimum security place that when prisoners do escape, they usually just walk off!  It really wouldn’t worry me unless I was one of the first houses across the street.  I must add that there have been no major problems.  I think the worst thing that happened was a car was taken once.

Probably the draw for most buyers is that you can get a lot more house for the money in Masterson Station.  A house I sold a few months ago would have been an extra $20,000 if it were on the more popular south end of town.  Plus the lots are sometimes bigger too!   There is a lot to be said for getting more for less. 

The prices run from $125,000 to close to $300,000.  The bulk of the area is in the $125,000 to $180,000 range.   Like any neighborhood, I wouldn’t go over the typical value range.

If you want to know what I think Masterson Station will look like in 25 years, take a look at the whole Buckhorn/Squires/Alumni area in Lex.  There are dozens of different names for all the development phases out there, like Century Hills,  Hunting Hills, East Lake, etc.  The whole area pretty much just blends together now.  You have some tiny starter homes and some nice move up homes.  They all seem to happily co-exist.

So, there you have it.  Overall, I give it a thumb’s up for giving you more for less in a friendly environment that will probably age well.

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