My Top 10 Fave Things about life in 40509

40509.  I use to drive the country roads that are now lined with neighborhoods when I was a teenager.  I always like the feel of this part of town.  A lot has changed since then…….Oh, this isn’t about nostalgia, it is a Top 10 list, so here I go:

#10  You can live out here with just about any budget.  There are townhouses/condos in decent neighborhoods from the $90’s all the way up to McMansions.  Most of the area seems to be $180k to $250k.  There are lots of great neighborhoods like Autumn Ridge, Andover Hills, Chilesburg, Stuart Hall, Brighton East, West Wynd, and Eastwood Club.

#9  The schools are getting better all the time.  There is a lot of excitement and expectation about the new Liberty Road Elementary.  Some of 40509 goes to Athens-Chileburg ElementarySchool (ACE).  It is a good school.  We also have a newer middle school, Edyth J. Hayes.

#8  We are close to the interstate.


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