The Lowdown on Autumn Ridge

Mature trees.  A neighborhood park.  A pond.  A city park close by.  Walking distance to banks, restaurants, etc.  To some Lexingtonians, what I have described only exists within New Circle Road……..But surprise!!  We are talking about a neighborhood called Autumn Ridge.

I remember going to the Parade of New Homes in the early 1990’s.  I liked Autumn Ridge even back then.  Sure it was waaaay the heck out there, but that was before Hamburg and the construction of Pleasant Ridge.  Now it seems like it evolved into an ideal location.

Most of the houses out there are ranches and 2 stories.  Yeah, some have basements.  There are a few smaller houses, but most are in the 2000 to 2500 square feet range.  Just about all of the neighborhood was built in the early and mid 1990’s.  The newest houses seem to be the ones on Crimson Creek.  Most of the houses are worth between $180k and $260k.

Here is what to love:  That you are closer to Hamburg than Chevy Chase is to downtown.  You can take Pleasant Ridge and be in Hamburg in about 5 minutes.  There are a lot of mature trees.  It is one of those neighborhoods that just has the right feel.  The city has a clean, neat park on Pleasant Ridge that you can walk or ride a bike to easily.  There is also a pond that can be seen from Autumn Ridge Blvd.  Not too many neighborhoods in Lexington have a water feature.   Some of the lots on Deer Crossing back to a heavily wooded area that has a creek running though it.  On the other side of the wooded area is Willow Spring.  You can also get creek lots on the other side of Willow Spring and Briarpatch, but the wooded area isn’t as big.  At the lower end of Crimson Creek, there is a neat little park that the HOA owns.  It has a creek, big trees, and yes, the sound of the interstate to remind you that you are not really in a forest.

What to watch out for:  If traffic bugs you, then buy somewhere other than on Autumn Ridge Blvd.  While it is a pretty street, a lot of people cut through on it to get to Hamburg.  Noise can also be an issue.  Crimson Creek backs to the interstate, so it can be a little noisy the closer you get to it.

Overall, I think this neighborhood has a great location, a lot of character and great amenities.  When I was looking for houses a couple of years ago, it was on my list.

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