The lowdown on Hunting Hills (Squire Oak)

I was in a lot of houses last year.  Just about all of my buyer’s in the $140k to $180k range looked at houses in a cool little neighborhood called Hunting Hills.  Well, it’s actual name is Squire Oak, but it is commonly called Hunting Hills by realtors.  If you look online, you may see it called by either name, so just remember them both.   Ever been there?  It is one of those neighborhoods that pinches the upturned noses of those that think you have to live inside New Circle Road for a neighborhood to have any character.

I think there are 3 factors that have kept this area on people’s radar and have brought stability to the neighborhood.   One reason is it has one of the coolest little neighborhood parks ever.  I always love to show people the park.  It runs between both sides of the road on Edgebrook Drive.  It is big enough to do just about anything you want.  It has a small creek running through it too.  There are lots of mature trees and landscaping.  It is owned by the Homeowner’s Association.  They have done a great job of maintaining it.   Google map “Edgebrook Lexington Ky”, then check out the satellite view.

Another cool feature is that it has a good performing elementary school right there in the neighborhood.  That always lends a good community feel to a place.  You could walk from just about any house in the area to the school in 5 minutes.   For people with kids, this is HUGE!

The last unique feature doesn’t benefit all the neighbors on a daily basis, but it sure does help to keep up the home values.  There are a lot of houses that back to Overbrook horse farm and a small neighborhood of 10 acre-ish estate homes.  That is one of the benefits of being on the edge of the Urban Service Area.  I have been in several of the houses with these lots.  Even the ones that back to the estate homes feel more like it is a farm since the houses are so far away.  Masters Lane, Hunters Rest Ct.,  Huntsman Ct., Hunting Hills Ct., Houndstooth Glen, Brook Park Dr., Oakbrook Dr., Oak Place Ct., and Farmview Dr. all have some of these lots.

In high school, I had a friend whose mother build a brand new house in this neighborhood.  I remember that I really liked it even way back then.  It just had one of those vibes that you can’t really explain.  I guess it was just the combination of all the good stuff that I saw.  That was 1986!  The neighborhood still feels the same to me, only a little better because the trees have grown.  I always say that if a neighborhood has that good vibe when new, it will likely age well.  That good vibe is something that usually can’t be added to an area later either.

So, here is the lowdown:

Typical Price is in the $140-$180k range.  Most fall in the 1400 to 2000 square feet range.   Most houses were built in the mid 1980’s.  Some traditional, some a little contemporary, some split foyers and a lot of ranches.  Some have those cool lots.  There seem to be a lot of houses with basements too.

Like anywhere, there are always at least a few negatives.  I guess the only one I really have is that you have to drive down Summerhill or Featerston Drive to get into this area.  Neither of those street are really good gateways into Hunting Hills.  Not that they are rough or unsafe, they just have much smaller houses and…………well……….Summerhill is just rundown looking to me.  But all you have to do is be on Summerhill for like 30 seconds before you come into this wonderful area.  I guess it is a positive thing that there are only two ways into the neighborhood!

There is an extra plus to this area:  Most of the hard core bicycle riders tend to ride on Delong Road.  Well, Hunting Hills is about a mile from Delong Road.  No need to ride through town or haul your bike.  I like to drive my old Mazda Miata out Delong, so if you have a sports car, it is a really nice road.  Just watch out for the bikes on a pretty day!

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