Random Houses Don’t Sell as Well

I woke up at 3:44 this morning thinking about the differences between how a buyer and a seller view a house, what a buyer needs to know when looking at a seller’s house, and the other way around.

A buyer is going to come in a house, stay for 20-30 minutes if they like it, and wander around all the rooms.  They view the house as a whole at this point.  They are trying to decide if they like the whole thing since they can’t cut and paste features.  This is the main difference.  When a buyer goes from room to room and all colors are different, that just seems random to them.  A seller sits in each room for longer periods of time and tends to view the house as different spaces.  Same thing for finishes.  When a buyer sees brass door knobs, a nickel light fixture, and maybe bronze cabinet hardware, it throws them off.  It has a confusing vibe for them, just as it would for you if I spent the next few paragraphs talking about the Olympics and how much more I like coffee from South America than I do from Kenya.

If you are a seller, the best thing you can do is to give your house that cohesive vibe.  Paint all the walls the same color.  Makes things match.  It sounds silly, but those things have a calming effect on people.  People want to feel calm/relaxed in their home and this is one way to make  a buyer feel that way.  If two houses are side by side and identical, the one with the cohesive vibe is going to sell before the one with every room a different color.

Now I don’t want to make this about updates.  I think with HGTV we all believe  Stainless appliances and granite will make ANY house sell.  I’ve been in  houses that are totally random, but have these upgrades.  You know what happens if the house has the random vibe?  All a buy does is want to cut and paste those features to another house.  They say they really like that feature, but don’t buy it.  Often, real estate is more about minimizing negatives than accentuating positives.

If you’re a buyer, what you need to realize is that you can create that calming, cohesive vibe pretty easy.  You were probably going to paint anyway, right?  Another thing to remember is that you don’t want to over pay for a house just because all the rooms match.

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