Costly Seller Missteps

Well.  I sold another house today.  My people had wanted to see another house yesterday, but the seller’s were putting in new carpet and didn’t think the house “Would show at it’s full potential.”  While I am sure it was no where near as nice as the one my people bought, what if they had seen it, and found something they liked about it?  Well, there are no ‘what if’s’ now.  We know that my people bought another house and that seller is probably enjoying their new carpet tonight.

That mentality never has really set right with me.  I mean, any agent knows that most of the time the buyer doesn’t ever come back to see the house.  A lot of the time it turns out just like this did. 

I enjoy playing with statistics.  Lets look at the chance the seller had of selling that house to us yesterday.  We were looking at 4 last night, so I guess there was a 25% chance that we would buy it.  Since we couldn’t see it, that gave the others  a 33.33% chance.  Since we didn’t get to see it, there was, you guessed it, a big fat ZERO percent chance that we’d buy it.  If it were your house, which is better?

I had another thing happen today that made me scratch my head.  I am previewing houses for a client.  I’ve been using my high-def camcorder to film the houses, then e-mail the movie to them.  I wanted to see one tomorrow in Georgetown.  The listing agent told me that the seller didn’t want to drive home in the middle of the day to put up her dog for ooooooonly an agent to preview it.  Hmmmmmmm, could this be a sign that we have a cranky seller?  It sure doesn’t leave a good taste in our mouths, especially since my buyer ASKED me to preview it. 

Sorry if this post comes across like I am whining a little.  I’m really not.  I guess the point of this all is that a seller really needs to show the house when somebody wants to see it.  It is in their best interest to do so, and that is always my advice to my sellers 🙂

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