Why Am I Wearing a Suit?

Why am I wearing a suit?  I’m the shorts and sandals Realtor!  Well, there’s a little story behind this, so I guess I’ll do like TV shows do sometimes where they tell you the end first, then the rest of the show is all about how they got to what you already know.

This all started out when a way cool couple found me online.  Actually, they found me twice!  I have an old friend from High School that I keep up with on Facebook who recommended me to them (Thanks Cathy!), but they already knew about me from this blog.  I truly felt like a rock star.

This way cool couple bought a house listed by an agent I knew from my old office.  She was kind of like the Grandmother of the office.  She has been an agent for several decades, and always shared her wisdom and high standards with all who listened.  I don’t think she really appreciated me wearing shorts and sandals while I practiced real estate, but I saved myself from getting a scolding with my charm.

So, when we got to offer time, I told Miss Anna that if her people would just accept our offer, I would wear long pants to the closing.  She chuckled…….probably in disbelief.  I guess if she thought I was serious she would have insisted we write that into the offer.

We had a great time working on this “Transaction” as she prefers us to call it.  She was always reminding us around the office that the word “Deal” cheapens what we do.  She had some fantastic sellers who had lived in the house since the early 1960’s.  Her client was happy that a way cool young family would be enjoying her home.  My people were happy to find something in that neighborhood and with a basement.  I was happy.  Miss Anna was happy.  It was all good!

So, for closing day, I busted out a suit I haven’t worn in over 2 years, put on a tie, and fulfilled my promise that I’d put on long pants for her.  Now, I never said ANYTHING about shoes and socks, so I just stuck with my shiny new sandals that I recently purchased for the 2010 Real Estate season (kinda like new clothes for the 1st day of school.)  The guy closing the loan had never seen me in anything but shorts, so he snapped this picture with his phone, sent it to the loan officer and the guy that owns the title company.  It is kinda hard to believe.

So…..that is why I am wearing a suit in the picture!

On a side note, I know I am critical of Realtors some times…………..okay, most of the time.  But I have to say Miss Anna is one fine agent.  She was polite, professional, willing to work through obstacles, kept her cool, remembered that the goal is that somebody gets to sell and somebody gets to buy.  Once we got past the contract, she was just as much on top of the “Transaction” as ever.  She communicated with me, took care of her client while understanding I needed to do the same.  I mean, that is pretty much what is missing in today’s modern agent.  I wish there were more like her out there!

4 thoughts on “Why Am I Wearing a Suit?

    1. Well, you and Marci are so hip (or whatever is the now word for it) that you just seem much younger than me………..That or I act much older than my age? Thanks for picking me to work with you. I had a blast!

  1. You know John, the only thing I hate about you is that your not with us any longer!!! You and I have always shared a “strange” yet successful way of looking at real estate. Kind of like with compassion and common sense! From the first time I had to deal with your “Dry” humor in training class, I knew you had what it would take to be the kind of agent that people would be drawn to. You know the rules and regs (your welcome!), your genuinely concerned for the needs of your clients, you have real estate common sense, and you never try to be someone your not for the sake of ego. Thanks you so much for all of the kind words about Anna. I can’t wait to call her and tell her to read this. I’m sure she’ll really appreciate it. We’ve all learned from “The Queen Bee”! You my friend, are what makes Realtors what we are suppossed to be….never change!

    1. Thanks Susan! I feel a blog coming up about all the things that I learned from you. I knew from the first time I drove my Jeep through the backyard of the office and you laughed, that we would do good together. I do miss you a lot!!

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