Beaumont, Stay at Home Sellers, & The General Lee

I’ve been so busy the past couple of weeks.  Thought I’d share some of it with you.  They’re kind of random, but I think you’ll enjoy them.

I took my people to see a fabulous house in Beaumont Reserve that was well over $600k.  The seller must not have wanted a lockbox on the door, so she had to be there to let us in.  She kept us in the foyer while she basically chanted verbatim the marketing remarks we had already read, then told us how desperate she was to sell, but thought her price was fine.  We saw the pictures.  We read the marketing remarks.  We are here for crying out loud, just let us past the foyer.  Greet us and go.  To me, the only thing she sounds desperate for is getting her price.  It was a nice house.  Just not what my peeps wanted.

We had a similar deal at a house that was over 6000 square feet.  The seller was there, so we got to hear a bunch of useless info.  This guy even told us to follow a certain route through the house.  We had to start in this room, then go here, there.  Then up the stairs, ending the tour at the back stair case and coming down in the kitchen.  I was having a hard time remembering all of it, wishing there was tape on the floor, or arrows on the wall.  It felt like we were on a one way road, or like when you go to a museum and traffic flows in a circle.  If you are a seller, and end up meeting the buyer and their agent, realize we are there to see the house.  Just welcome us, smile, them make yourself scare.  I don’t mean to be mean, but it is just awkward and doesn’t aid in getting your house sold.  Plus, in this case, we were so anxious about staying on our route that we forgot to notice if there was a fireplace or not!

I’ve been in Beaumont a lot this week.  Mainly Beaumont Reserve and Beaumont Crossing.  I really like Beaumont a lot.  I mean, what isn’t to like.  But there must be some algorithm on pricing out there that I can’t crack.  You can have 2 very similar houses out there that are very close, and one will sell for $100k more than the other?  Now I do CMA’s, so I know what values to add for finishes, square footage, etc.  I secretly (not anymore) believe that since there is such a wide range of comps for the neighborhood, that conservative agents pick the more realistic comps and other agents use the higher priced houses.  What I try to do is find 3 comps that are similar in size and finishes.  That way you don’t have to cut and paste so much.  You cut and paste too much and your CMA starts to look as un-natural as Michael Jackson’s face.  Another approach would be to take the larger, better finished houses and subtract out the differences.  You will almost always end up with a higher estimated value that way.  Just my 2 cents, but that is what I think.  My folks want a house that sold for over $500k in 2008.  The comps I used put the value around $480k.  Go figure!

I did have one thing that made me a little mad this week.  The agent for the #2 house texted me to see if my peeps had made a decision yet.  I told her which direction they were going to go.  She took a negative tone toward the house they may buy, and basically told me good luck selling that one in the future.  I didn’t even reply, since I don’t like to burn bridges and it is still their #2 house, but c’mon, be a good sport.

I also saw an orange Hyundai in Nicholasville on the way home from listing a house down there.  It has “01” on the doors just like the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard.  In my head, I could have sworn I heard the narrator of the show say, “Now folks, that just ain’t right.”

2 thoughts on “Beaumont, Stay at Home Sellers, & The General Lee

  1. I’m thinking about inviting that other Realtor over for tea in our “small” kitchen that would be hard to sell =).I really just don’t think anyone wants to spend over half a million dollars and have to worry about changing all of the finishes in the house. Actually, a better idea would be for that Realtor to sit down and have tea in the kitchen of that house she’s trying to sell — maybe she would see why it’s still on the market! She probably would have had the sell if the finishes were different on that home or at least drop the price!

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