Getting some attention


I hate it when my listings don’t sell fast.  Probably because I know what all I’ll have to do to try to keep them fresh online.  Most agents will dump a listing online and let it rot there until it sells.  Sometimes they’ll delete the listing and copy it to a new MLS number.  That refreshes the days on market so it doesn’t look so stale.  The problem with doing only that is that you haven’t changed the way the house is presented online.

You’ve got to present the house well online these days to get showings.  They just don’t happen without that.  The days when people would come look at a house that looked bad online disappeared when it became a buyer’s market.

I guess to me, if I’m not getting much activity, I want to rearrange things.  I mean, that is why people pay me, right?  I’m the one that is suppose to get traffic through the house!  If it ain’t happening, I gotta do something different from what I’ve been doing.  I’ll often go into the listing detail and mix up the order of the pictures or change the marketing remarks.  See, what happens is, on any given day, there are realtors all over town online searching through listings on LBAR.COM.  When they keep seeing the same house over and over and over again, eventually they won’t even entertain the idea of showing it.  That is one reason I mix up the pictures or change the marketing remarks.  I don’t want my client’s house to come up in some agent’s search and have them gloss over it like it is that jar of pickles in the back of the fridge that’s been there forever.

I’ve noticed some of the things I do to make a listing stand out online are beginning to catch on.  Which has sent me back to the drawing board.

Recently I had a client tell me they wanted to offer closing costs as a way to get some attention for their house.  The only problem with offering closing costs is that the asking price doesn’t change.  Yeah, you can be so 2007 and scroll one of those banners across the bottom of the listings, but not only did I never learn to do that, I just don’t like it.

As I was thinking about how to tackle this, I realized that everybody’s eye goes straight to the pictures.  Sometimes I wonder if you really need the words.  I guess you do, but a picture is worth a thousand of them they say.  So, I got in my head to write what I wanted the public to know about the house right on the picture.    I did it for another listing that hadn’t been shown in a week.  Guess what?  We got 3 showings in 2 days on that one and an offer tonight on the other.

I guess what really matters is zigging when everybody else is zagging.

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