LEXpert Video Tour of Willow Oak

Here’s a video tour of a great neighborhood in South Lexington called Willow Oak.  It is outside Man O War not too far from Fayette Mall and Shillito Park.  Millpond shopping center is within walking distance too.

The houses are mostly in the $220k-$265k range and are 2200-2500 above grade square feet.  Some of them have basements.  The neighborhood was developed by Ball Homes about 15 years ago.  It has a good mix of schools:  Picadome, Jessie Clark and Lafayette.

Sooooo, what makes Willow Oak a good pick?  Well, the neighborhood has a lot of character, especially for a newer one.  There is a park at the entrance with a creek that feeds a good sized pond with a couple of gazebos and a bridge.  Plus there is a walking path, tennis court and a pool!

The only bad thing I can say about this neighborhood is that I keep wanting to refer to it as Willow Bend, which is a larger neighborhood down the road from this one.  I had to re-shoot a couple of clips because I was calling it Willow Bend…..Oooops!

Start the video to see it all 🙂

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