Lexington Ky Real Estate-LEXpert Video Tour of Andover Forest

I did a neighborhood tour today in Andover Forest.  It was nice.  Not too hot.  Sunny.  A day that really makes me glad I have my 1990 Miata.  I wish the neighborhood was bigger so I could have had an excuse to be out longer 🙂

Andover Forest is at the corner of Todds Road and Man O War Blvd.  Construction started in the late 80’s and ended in the mid 90’s totalling about 500 houses.  Most of the houses out there are 2500-3000 above grade square feet.  Most have basements.  There are some ranches too.

The prices seem to be mostly in the $330-$450k range.  There are a lot of them there worth over $500k, and even a few worth more than that.

The schools are Liberty Road Elementary, Edyth J Hays Middle School, and Henry Clay High School.  That is pretty well rounded, especially for any place that isn’t in South Lexington.

So, what is unique about this neighborhood?  It has half of a golf course running through it, so there are plenty of golf course lots.  Hamburg is minutes away…..easy minutes at that.  You have an interstate exit only one stop light away.  There is a cool bike path on what was an old railway, and a great city park.

Here are the names of the streets if you like to google:  Althorp Way, Andover Forest Drive, Aylesbury Circle, Bridlington Rd, Brighton Place Drive, Cheltenham Drive, Chetford Drive, Darlington Circle, Grantham Way, Haverford Way, Helmsdale Place, Kettering Court, Penbroke, Pleasant Ridge, Sheffield Place, Sherborne Place, Wakehurst Court & Weymouth Court.  My faves are Chetford, Haverford and Sheffield.

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