LEXpert on Location: Palomar Shopping Center

Thought I’d start shooting short videos of the features around the neighborhoods I’ve blogged about.

Today I was at Palomar Shopping Center.

If you live in Firebrook, Dogwood Trace, Dogwood Hills, Palomar, Beaumont, Harrods Hill, Harrods View, Rabbit Run or Plantation, you will find this is an easy place to get in and out. Plus it has a ton of stores, restaurants, banks, a gas station, gym, day care and so on.

I guess what I have always liked about it is that it is just the right size. Clean, pleasant, easy to get around in. Just nice. It is one of those places that is the suburbanish version of everything people like about their urban neighborhoods. You know, you see people on HGTV that don’t want to move away from their location because they love the bakery or coffee shop around the corner. There are probably people who live in this area that are like “I just love meeting friends at Panera, working out at LA Fitness, eating on the patio at Harry’s in the summer. I don’t want to leave this location!!” I think if you lived out there, it would feel like your shopping center and not just another strip mall.

When I was younger, I delivered newspapers to part of Rabbit Run and Palomar. I remember parking in the middle of this shopping center at 4:30 in the morning folding papers. On rainy days, I’d pull under the drive through canopy at Central Bank. Back then, a lot of people would park cars that were for sale in the parking lot. I remember eyeing a Lexus SC400 for several weeks before it disappeared. Other than the LFA, that was the coolest car Lexus ever made. I guess craigslist has put an end to selling cars that way. Just means more parking spots for us now.

Check out the video. I hope it helps you see what businesses are around this location.

Take care!

The LEXpert

LEXpert Neighborhood Video Tour: Harrod’s View

Ask anybody in LEXington what is a good neighborhood in the southwest part of town with the best schools and plenty of amenities close by and almost everybody will say Palomar or Beaumont.  Both of those areas are some of my favorites too, but I’ve had a chance to spend some time in a neighborhood that is just as nice……even better in some ways.  It is called Harrod’s View.

I had a client that really fell in love with the neighborhood.  We looked at about every house that came on the market for about a year and a half.  Sure, we’d look in Palomar and other nice neighborhoods in this part of town, but the more we saw, they more these people really wanted to be in Harrod’s View….and I can’t blame them!

I think what makes this neighborhood unique is that it is a little area tucked away right between Palomar and Beaumont.  It is a neighborhood that many in Lexington drive past, but since it is so small and has no through streets, few ever have a reason to go into it.  You also have many businesses, restaurants a library & a YMCA just a few stops signs away.  Easy living…I guess that is what I call it.  You know, the type where you feel all calm and peaceful when you’re home or walking down your street, but you can also leave your house at 5:55 for your 6:PM reservations at Malone’s and make it on time.



New part of Blackford offers great views/vibe

It isn’t often that we see a brand new neighborhood that has some character….especially in an affordable price range.  I think that is what is going to make this new section off Blackford Parkway so special.  I know these lots won’t last long and I just know that buyers will be telling me 10+ years from now that they want to be in this area.

The area in the video is all about the view and the good vibe it offers.  It has a view over the Greenbrier golf course, including a couple of ponds.  The layout of the street parallel to the course and a big open HOA owned area are sure to be hot spots for taking walks, pushing strollers and seeing your neighbors.

Be sure to watch the video and let me know if you agree that this is going to be a special place 🙂


LEXpert Neighborhood Tour: Gleneagles

I did a review of this neighborhood several years ago when I first started blogging.  I wasn’t as high on it as I am now.  Reason was that prices were falling faster than other neighborhoods and I thought there were better choices for the buyers back then.  Things have stabilized and now I give the neighborhood a thumb’s up.  See, back then, prices for Gleneagles were about the same as Andover Hills.  Andover Hills has a better performing school district and golf course running though it to help keep values up.  Back then my logic was why pay the same when you can get more?  Now that there is enough of a price difference, I think this area is a bargain.  In all reality, the two areas are so similar that I bet you couldn’t tell the difference between being on Huntersgreen in Andover and Caversham Park in Gleneagles.

Before you check out the video, let me clarify that I am mainly talking about the nicest part of Gleneagles in this video, which is between Barrington, Sunningdale and Polo Club.  This area has some nice houses and many of the lots back to greenspace…..some of the best greenspace in town in my opinion.

Schools are Yates, Crawford and Bryan Station.  All are far from the top scoring schools in town.  Fayette County Public Schools has bought land close by on Deer Haven and saaaaaaays they will be building a new elementary school……which should give this area a big boost if it lands in the new district.


LEXpert Neighborhood Video Tour: Rabbit Run

Today was a video tour day.  Haven’t done one in a while.  Need to start doing more.  I really enjoy them!

Went to a popular neighborhood called Rabbit Run.  It is one of those neighborhoods that you’ll notice people’s face light up when you mention it.  Everybody loves Rabbit Run.  Watch to video to see why.

I guess my 3 fave things about it are:

1)  The location.  It is smack in the middle of anything you’d need.  Map it to see what I mean.  You can get to about any place without having to get on major roads.  And if you do need major roads, it is so convenient to both Man O War and New Circle Road.  To the east, you can get to all the shopping/dining/entertainment in the Fayette Mall area just by cruising up Wellington Way….which also is how you’d get to the giant Shillito Park or the dog park.  To the west is both Palomar Shopping Centre and all the stuff that Beaumont offers like Liquor Barn, the library, and the YMCA.  All you have to do is cross Harrodsburg Road and you are there.  Schools?  Both private and public ones are close too.  Best of all, unless you are on one of the two cut through streets in Rabbit Run, you’ll never “Feel” like you have all this around it.  It is a peaceful, serene place to be!

2)  The houses.  Most are either ranches or traditional two stories.  There are a few contemporary ones in the neighborhood though since it was the tail end of that trend in Lexington when Rabbit Run was built.   All the ones I have been in are what I call Easy Living homes.  I mean that they were built to be lived in, rather than offering just eye candy to make you sign a contract to buy it.  The rooms are usually large, you have plenty of storage, and the lots are good-sized for Lexington.  Easy living in my opinion.

3)  The feel of the neighborhood.  To me, it just feels like this neighborhood is tucked away in the middle of a great location.  There are lots of big trees and almost all the houses look super sharp.  It’s one of those places that you feel inspired by the prettiness when you go for a walk.  The high light street is Blenheim between Wellington and Meadowbrook.  One side of part of this street backs to a wooded area.  The builders kept some of the old trees.  Very attractive.

Ok….time to watch the video now!