Lexington Ky Neighborhood Tour by The LEXpert: Greenbrier

Went out to Greenbrier yesterday for a video tour.  Great day for a convertible.  Glad I did since it has done nothing but rain today.

Greenbrier is on the east side of Lexington.  When new, it was out in the country.  But since the 70’s and 80’s when it was built, the town has grown out to touch the edge of it.  Now you can get to Hamburg Pavillion in about 5 minutes. 

Greenbrier’s claim to fame is the peaceful, relaxed vibe and the big lots that it offers.  Most of the 70’s houses have acre lots.  The 80’s houses tend to have 1/3 to 2/3 acre lots.  Plus it is home to Greenbrier Golf and Country Club, whose 18 hole course runs through the neighborhood.

The schools are Dixie Elementary, Crawford Middle and Bryan Station High……not good really, but I imagine most residents of Greenbrier do private school.

The prices seem to be all over the board, but you can get one that needs some work in the $300-400,000 range.  I think if I had to give a range for most of the houses I would call it $400-600,000.  There are some that are less, some that are more.

What I like about Greenbrier is the vibe.  It is without doubt an upscale neighborhood, but it never has to shout it out to you.  You just see nice homes on nice lots.  The neighborhood has done a lot to protect the vibe.  They got the city to turn Walnut Grove into a dead end street to prevent through traffic.  They also worked hard to get a landscape buffer from encroaching development near the end of Antilles Drive. 

Here is a list of the streets that are in the neighborhood:  Bahama Road, Martinique Lane, Barbados Lane, Tabago Court, Trinidad Court, Marquesas Lane, Antiqua Drive, Caicos Court, Antilles Drive, Montego Court, Eleuthera Court, Jamaica Court, Cayman Lane & Walnut Grove Lane.

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