Lexington Ky Neighborhood Tour by The LEXpert: Stuart Hall

Did another neighborhood video tour yesterday.  Perfect weather again.  I love having my 20-year-old Miata for shooting these videos.

I was in Stuart Hall, which is between Richmond Road and Todds Road near I-75.  I love the location of this place.  If you go out on the Todds Road side, you’re at Hamburg pretty quickly.  If you take the Richmond Road side you can get to the rest of town and the interstate.  There aren’t many places that are really convenient to Hamburg that you don’t have to live with Hamburg traffic to get any place else in town.

Don’t know if it would have the same effect on you, but I have always loved driving out Richmond Road by Jacobson Park.  There are big lakes on both sides of the road and it reminds me of being in Florida with my grandparents.

Okay, there are 284 houses in Stuart Hall according to the PVA.  Most are two story traditional places, a few ranches, and some townhouses.  Several houses have basements.  Most values seem to be in the $225-$375k range for the houses, and $160-170k for the townhouses.  They are building some larger townhouses that will sell for about $250k, but they aren’t built yet.   The schools are Breckenridge Elementary, Edythe J Hays, and Henry Clay High. 

So, what makes it special?  To me, I think it is the lot sizes.  They just seem bigger than you normally get with new/newer construction in Lexington.  I think it is a good fit for the buyer who wants current styles, newer construction and a yard big enough to play in.  Also, the middle school is right in the neighborhood, so if you have or will have middle schoolers, that is a plus!

Here are the names of the roads:  Stuart Hall Blvd (Has some townhouses in the $160-170’s at the end.),  Hays Blvd (Busy Road!), Jane Briggs Ave, Richardson Place, Levi Todd Blvd, Holmes Way, Logans Fort Way (Part of it backs to the old houses along Athens-Boonesboro Road.), Hannah Todd Place (One side backs to $160-170k townhouses.), Emilie Lane and Isabella Lane.

P.S. I said in the video that the townhouses off Hannah Todd were in the $140’s……They are in the $160-170’s.  Guess I was remembering the base price when they were new…..Ooooops!

2 thoughts on “Lexington Ky Neighborhood Tour by The LEXpert: Stuart Hall

  1. I’m currently looking at Chilesburg and Stuart Hall, I found Stuart Hall’s price was kinda high in the past including the new house price when they were first built. There is not much room for that price to go up in years and some of the houses might be sold at even lower price right now. Very confusing.

    1. You are right. When new, Stuart Hall was much more expensive than Chilesburg. Before the economy and housing market crashed, Chilesburg was mainly smaller and medium sized houses. Almost all of Stuart Hall was complete with bigger houses, many of which had basements. Since the market has picked up, Ball Homes is building larger houses in Chilesburg. Since a buyer today can get a brand new larger house in Chilesburg, it hurts the 10-12 year old houses in Stuart Hall. I don’t think most buyers view there being much difference between the neighborhoods now whereas in the past, Stuart Hall was perceived as being more upscale than Chilesburg.

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