Neighborhood video tour of Fairway….by The LEXpert

What a nice day to be out in the convertible.  It was pretty windy, so I thought I was using my head when I got the idea to put the windows up…..only bad thing is that now you can see all I am doing inside the car from the reflection on the window.  I thought about refilming it, but I thought what the heck, maybe there is someone out there who wondered how I was able to drive, shift gears and film.  It can be tough being the producer, director, camera man, and star!

Anyway, I was in an old favorite today.  A neighborhood called Fairway.  It is located well inside New Circle Road very close to downtown.  The perimeters are Richmond Road, Henry Clay Blvd, the Idle Hour Country Club and Carolyn Drive.

The range of values for the 388  houses runs from as low as $200k, and I think there are a couple that might be near a million.  Most seem to be in the $275k to $600k range.  I have worked with 3 buyers this year and have been in almost all of them for sale in that range.

The schools are Ashland Elementary, Morton Middle and Henry Clay High.  All of those schools are really close to this neighborhood.

What I really like about Fairway is the vibe.  I think Fairway has a little more of a formal feel to it, especially the part closest to Richmond Road.  All of the streets are very straight and are perfectly lined with what’s left of the original Pin Oak trees.  You can tell when you see it that it was an upscale place when it was new and has aged well.

Like all areas…..there are some things that are less than perfect.  There is a train track that runs behind Carolyn Drive.  It doesn’t get much use, but it is there.  Also, Henry Clay Blvd can be a busy cut through street.  That isn’t that big of a deal since just about any neighborhood has a street like that.  I just want to make you aware of it.  Some of the houses on Henry Clay Blvd back to the second and third block of a neighborhood called Kenwick….which is drastically different from Fairway.  Then there is the old Julia R Ewan school building.  It is no longer used as a school and is for sale.  Some people are worried about what will happen with that property, but I am not.  It will eventually be something, but the neighborhood association has a strong enough voice to make sure that whatever happens won’t adversely effect the neighborhood.

Fairway is one of my favorite neighborhoods in town.  I think if you are on old house person wanting something in town, you should put it on your radar!

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