Lexington Ky Neighborhood Video Tour by The LEXpert: Still Meadow


Well, I did another neighborhood video tour today.  This time it was one of my favorites….Still Meadow.

Still Meadow is in the Northeast part of Fayette County.  It is between Richmond Road and Todds Road, and is outside Man O War Blvd.  I remember when this area was way out in the country.  The road that you enter the neighborhood from has a little remnant of one of my favorite country roads.  I think it was called Walnut Hill-Chilesburg?  Anyway, there isn’t much of it left, but you do come into Still Meadow on this road.  That seems a little random to some, but if you know the history of the area, it makes more sense.  Many of the residents of Still Meadow use this road to jog or ride bikes when the weather is warm.

To me, the calling card for this neighborhood is style.  The houses aren’t much bigger than most newer homes.  The floor plans are what you’d expect, but they were built with swagger and bling.  The builder is Jimmy Nash.  He is known for his style, which is all about knocking you out with high level finishes and attention to detail.  All but a couple of the houses I have been in out there have incredible crown moldings, unique wood doors, lots of detail around the fire places, etc.  The exteriors are just as nice.  He uses a lot of Hardiboard, which is a cement fiber product that looks great and weathers well.

Prices?  most seem to be in the mid to upper $400’s.  I have seen some sell for around $600k.  Schools?  The most desirable combination you can get in this part of town:  Athens-Chilesburg Elementary, Hayes Middle and Henry Clay High.  A.C.E and Hayes are just a few stop signs away too!

What makes it unique?  While houses like these could sell well in any part of town, The combination of style, location, and  desirable public schools seal the deal.

Let me know what you think too 🙂

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