Lexington Ky Neighborhood Video Tour by The LEXpert: Waterford

What a dreary day to do a video tour.  I hate to do them this time of year since the sky is gray and the leaves are off the trees…..plus it is awful cold for a guy who is still wearing sandals.

I went to a great neighborhood called Waterford.  It is in south Lexington.  I remember when this place was new.  It was pretty then and has aged well.  I think one of the best things about this neighborhood is the gently rolling terrain and the views of wooded areas with the two ponds at the main entrance.  You just don’t get that kind of inspiring stuff in most of Lex.

Okay, there are 354 houses in Waterford according to the PVA.  Most are between 10 and 17 years old.  The schools are Southern Elementary, Southern Middle, and Tates Creek High.  Nobody ever searches for a house that goes to these schools, but nobody ever avoids them either.

What is unique?  Many good sized lots.  Close to a 250+ acre city park called Veteran’s Park.  Close to all the retail/commercial on Nicholasville Road.  The HOA now owns the clubhouse that has a pool with a very active swim team named the Waverunners.

Prices range from around $200k to about $300k and are from 2000 square feet with no basements to close to 4000 square feet with finished basements.  I’ve been in a lot of these….many seem to be ready to update, but I have seen several that have been tastefully updated.

The video focused mainly on the older, original section of Waterford.  It use to be clear where the boundaries were, but since they added a new section of both Waterford and neighboring Southpoint, plus built a neighborhood called Pinnacle in the middle, it all kind of blends together back there!  Some of the newer section of Waterford goes to Veteran’s Park Elementary.  That is a really desirable school.  All of Waterford use to be in Veteran’s Park.  In the days of the booming real estate market, many people would move to Waterford just to get into that school, then move somewhere that had an awesome middle school.

The roads I was on were:  Watertrace, Shorewater, Streamwater, Creekwater, Bridgemont, Clearwater, Ridgewater, Woodstream,  Clearwater, Waterstone, Rainwater, Springwater, Brookwater and Whitewater.

Check out the video 🙂

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