Random thoughts from another busy week

FYI……This is going to be a random mix of thoughts from this week.

I closed 2 deals yesterday.  One went very smooth and the other one…..didn’t.  Crazy thing is that both of my sellers were very pleasant and really tried to make it an enjoyable experience for the buyers.  One seller discovered two cracked tiles under a piece of furniture when moving.  They were trying hard to get it fixed before the closing, but couldn’t find anybody to get out on such short notice.  At the walk-thru, the buyer realized how much effort they had put into cleaning/paint touch up/etc that they told the sellers not to worry about it.

The other deal didn’t go so great.  Wasn’t the sellers fault.  The seller agreed to do everything the buyer wanted….even replacing a few burned out light bulbs the buyer made a big deal over.   About a week before the closing, the central vac system broke.  The repairman for the only shop in town that sold that brand was out of town.  We tried to make it right for the buyer, but they started acting like we were trying to cheat them or something.  I mean, HELLO, we told them about it a week before the closing.  If we were trying to deceive them, we wouldn’t have mentioned it.  This seller also worked hard to make the house nice.  She even left a list of recommended contractors a la Angie’s List.  Well, the buyer’s agent came to the door 30 minutes early for the walk-thru and told my seller that the buyers wanted NOTHING left in the house.  The seller grabbed a ficus tree and some candles she thought the buyer might want and ripped up the list on the way out.

Guess my point is that nasty people are always gonna be nasty, even when you are trying to be nice to them.

Another random thought is about one of the few realtors I like.  This lady is in my office and primarily does short sales.  I started to help her with her buyers about a year ago.  Everytime I talk to her I think more and more highly of her.  She has a real heart for her clients.  Today, she was trying to sell me a queen sized headboard that one of her seller’s has.  Where she works short sales, almost all of her clients are having a rough time financially.  I was really touched that she would take the time to bother with trying to help her client make a couple hundred dollars.  To me, THAT is the kind of agent that you want.  I always say that anybody can be trained to do a decent job, but you can’t train somebody to care.  Agents that care about their clients always do a better job.  I wish we had more agents like this lady.

And…..my last random thought is that I am having a really good time this summer.  Its kind of nice to meet great people, help sell their house in a tough market and/or help them make wise buying decisions, then watch them move forward to their next phase of life with a smile on their face.


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