Saw the listing online….think I’ll pass

I had something happen the other day that TOTALLY supports everything I’ve ever said about marketing a house these days.  I was talking to a client who said they saw a house online, but weren’t sure if they wanted to see or not.  See, the pictures weren’t that good and it was kind of hard to figure out much about the house from the marketing remarks.  This house is only a 20 minute drive from my client’s house.  Back in the day, a buyer would give the house the benefit of the doubt and go check it out.  That just doesn’t happen now.  (My client isn’t alone, buyers just don’t want to risk it being a waste of time these days 🙂

So, let’s flip this around and take a look at it from the seller’s perspective.  The seller of this house has hired a realtor to sell the house.  There is a buyer 20 minutes away who doesn’t know if it is worth it to come see it in person……all because the agent did a poor job of marketing the house in an appealing way.

After working with so many buyers, I’ve learned an important lesson about how they approach houses online:  Buyers are sitting at their computer asking the house “Why should I come see you?”  Since houses can’t talk, it’s up to the realtor to answer that question.   A listing that doesn’t answer that question through pictures and marketing remarks misses out on a lot of showings……even ones in the most desirable school district in town.

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