Lexington Ky Neighborhood Video Tour by the LEXpert: Cool North LEX streets

Okay.   I normally do these videos about well rounded neighborhoods that will be easy to sell when it is time for you to fire up your exit plan.  Not the case today.  Today’s video is about cool older places on the north end of Lexington.  The schools aren’t rated all that well.  There is not that good of shopping around, but hey, just like love,  sometimes you throw out all logic and go with your heart.

I would not hesitate to suggest these streets to any of my clients, or even live there myself.  These streets are kind of a niche market.  That doesn’t mean the values aren’t stable, it just means it might take you a bit longer to sell since they don’t have as broad of an appeal as say, a newer home on the south end of town.  If these streets were cars, they’d be more like a Subaru Outback, a Volkswagon Passat, or Mini Cooper rather than an Accord or Camry.

If you’re somebody that follows your heart more than your head when it comes to real estate, I think you’ll enjoy the video.  If you’re local and have never been on these streets, go check them out!


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