Some rewarding moments

My son brought his yearbook home the other day.  One of the things his school does is post dedications in the back.  A parent posted a dedication to the teachers that said “Anybody can make a buck, but not everybody can make a difference.”  That got me thinking about my job.  While I’m not putting out fires, arresting bad guys, teaching kids (other than my own) or finding homes for abandoned pets, I’m the guy that helps get those heroes a place to come home to at the end of their day.

There is a new born boy who is probably asleep right now in his new home.  His parents bought a townhouse at the peak of the market long before I met them.  They needed something bigger for the new family.  We put the townhouse on the market, and it became obvious that it wasn’t going to sell at the price they needed to even make the move possible.  I didn’t take a commission on that one so they could reduce the asking price.  We got it sold juuuuuuust in time for them to move into a new house before he was born.   It makes me very happy knowing I had a part in getting a home for their little guy to grow up in.  The new mom and dad were very appreciative of what I did for them, but I think I got more out of it than they did.  It was a total pleasure to be a part of such a special time in their lives and to know that their son would learn to walk/ride a bike/throw a ball in the house I helped them get.  The mom texted me a picture of him just after he was born… about feeling special!!

There’s another family that almost paid too much for a house.  They won’t really appreciate what I did until they go to sell.  See, the listing agent gave me a counter to the offer we made.  It was at a price that I knew my people would accept, but I wanted to get it for them for even less.  Like most listing agents, the realtor tried the “But that will only be $8 a month more on your people’s payment and it’s $2000 real dollars to my people.”  Well, it is actually more than $2000 to my people because they’ll be paying interest on it.  Knowing this agent wanted it all wrapped up that night, I slowed down the process, suggesting we continue negotiating in the morning.  The agent then told me that the sellers would accept the number I wanted.  A little effort on my part means that my folks are $2000 better off when it is their turn to sell the house.  (This was with an agent I know and like a lot, so I joked that if the seller would just add the $8 a month to the payment on their next house, we’d have a deal.)

I’ve made sure single women have a safe location, recommended the best home inspector I know (Often creating many more problems for me to solve), done plenty of minor repairs, helped people move (not as much now that I’ve crossed the big 4-0), heck, I’ve even told a few people that they were better off renting than buying…….plus a lot of other stuff that makes me feel good as I fall asleep at night.  While the quote from the yearbook is cool, I guess I’ll end with something I always say:  You can teach anybody to do anything, but you can’t teach somebody to care if they don’t.

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