How Hot is the Market? Depends

I scheduled an appointment to show a house in Beaumont Reserve recently.  I’m thinking it is going to be like usual, where my client and I leisurely show up to a vacant house……only, there is another agent in the house, and two other agents with their clients waiting to see it.  There are cars and people everywhere like the seller’s was having a yard sale.  The house wasn’t priced low, it was just a fair asking price for a non-updated house with lots of wallpaper……oh, and this is the house’s first day on the market.

I call on a house on Old Cassidy in Chevy Chase to schedule an appointment.  After just hours on the market, it has a contract already.  That contract didn’t work out, so the agent tells me I can see it.  I schedule a 2nd showing the very next day and it has sold.

I’m inside an awesome house on Colony in Chevy Chase.  Look out the window, and another agent is waiting to show it.  Two hours later, the listing agent calls me to say that an offer is coming, and it isn’t from the agent that was coming in as I was leaving.

I’m in a house in Palomar.  It’s the first day on the market and I’m showing it at noon.  It has already been shown 3 times.

Another house on Chenault in Chevy Chase gets shown 11 times the first day on the market.  The seller is so full of confidence that he doesn’t even respond to the more than fair offer my client made.

Then, you probably know I just bought a house the first day on the market that had 3 other offers on it.

Here’s what’s going on with the Lexington market:  Everybody is wanting the better houses in the better neighborhoods.  I don’t mean just high-end ones, I mean the buyers are wanting the nicest houses and the best neighborhoods in all price ranges.  Prices for houses that meet that description have gone up, while the rest remain flat.  It is a hot market again, but this time it is just for the “Right” properties……it’s still 2011 for all the other sellers.


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