Something you DON’T want your Realtor to say

I’ve got a doctor that is relocating here and  HAS to buy a house this weekend.”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had another realtor, even ones I don’t know, that disclose something like this to me.  I don’t understand why they do it.  I guess they are just excited to know they are going to sell a house and have to tell anybody that will listen…..even if it is somebody they shouldn’t tell.

As a listing agent, this is what I hear when another realtor says something like that to me:  “If we make an offer on your listing, you can probably counter back for more money since my people are getting on a plane later today.”  I also hear “Don’t worry about having to do many repair items after the home inspection since it’s not like the buyers are going to be able to hop on a plane and come back to look at other houses.”

I work with a lot of out of town buyers, and I’ll tell you, I try to keep a lid on stuff like this.  It just compromises my people’s negotiating power.  I don’t even like to send the listing agent a copy of my buyer’s earnest money check because I don’t want the other agent to see an out of town address.

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