Random Realtor Thoughts From This Week

Thought I’d write a bit about the week I have had:

Guess I’ll start with right now.  I am moving today.  The movers are here right now.  I’ll know by the end of day if the moving company I picked is as good as they claim to be.  Everything is packed up.  I may be sitting on the floor finishing this post if they come for this table next.

It is exciting for my family.  It is nice to be on this end of something I deal with professionally.  I’m always the one whose work is done when the moving truck is backing in or out of the driveway.  We’ve had a great time at our old house.  It is hard to leave since we liked the neighborhood and neighbors so much.  I hope to be just as blessed at the new place!

Yesterday, at a home inspection for some friends/past clients, I was standing in the backyard with the husband.  They are buying a nice house on a basement that has a huge lot.  He says to me “I never thought I would own a house like THIS!”  It was a moment I will always remember….especially since I found/suggested the house.  These low interest rates are getting a lot of people into houses that were out of their reach not too long ago……like the one I am moving into today!  It was kind of an emotional moment for me since I am friends with this family and it is the 3rd time they have used me.  I know it is a house their family can grow into, which is why I picked it.  This is probably the last house I will sell them for a looooooong time, and I am happy for that.  It was my goal to get them in a long term house since rates and prices are unlikely to stay this way forever.

Then, I had a conversation with the best home inspector IMHO.  I’ve become friends with him since I see him so often.  He was telling me about a seller whose house he inspected.  The seller told him how mad he was at him for telling the buyers all that was wrong with the house.  Then, the seller said he realized that all the inspector was doing was telling the truth, and he hired him to inspect the house he was buying!   I bet being a good inspector is tough since all you are doing is bringing bad news to people.  It’s like going to the doctor and they tell you that you need to lose weight, watch your cholesterol, or  that you’re old enough to need those very personal type exams annually.  But like a doctor, it is all for your own good.

That’s it for now since I think this table is next!!

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