LEXpert Neighborhood Review: Dogwood Trace

If Dogwood Trace were a car, it would be a loaded Toyota Camry rather than a Lexus ES350.  People who know cars know that both cars are really the same, only the Lexus has a couple more features and a different logo.  I’ve shown most of the houses in this neighborhood that have been on the market in the past several years and have sold two on the same street this year.  I was trying to describe the neighborhood to one of the buyers and said “It is an upscale neighborhood without seeming pretentious.”  Her face lit up and she quickly agreed with my assessment….hence the Toyota/Lexus comparo.  The fact that Dogwood Trace does come across as upscale without being stuffy about it is one of the most appealing things to me.  It doesn’t have anything to prove and can stand alone on the unique features it offers it’s residents.  It comes across as very inviting and warm.

Don’t know if you’ve been there or not.  If not, check it out on a map.  It is in SW Fayette Co about as far as you can go before hitting Jessamine County.  One of my favorite things about neighborhoods on the outskirts of town is that you don’t have half of Lexington cutting through YOUR neighborhood to get to places.

So, what DOES Dogwood Trace have to offer?  Most of the houses are from the late 80’s/early 90’s.  Most are 2000-3500 square feet depending on if there is a basement and if it is finished.  Due to its age, there are a lot of big trees and it is just super pretty out there, almost park like.  The lots are pretty good size by Lexington standards too.  At the end of the neighborhood, just as you get to the newer Dogwood Glen neighborhood, you have access to Dogwood Park, which is an 18 acre city park with half a mile of paved trails, a playground and a shelter.  Kind of nice since not only does that mean you have recreation, it also means there won’t be any registered sex offenders living within 1000 feet of the park!

While I personally tend to like neighborhoods on the outskirts of town, sometimes you don’t have much in the way of businesses you need that will be close.  Not the case here.  Just a few stops signs away from any street in Dogwood Trace is Bellerive Plaza, which has a Kroger grocery store, fast food, a gas station and a variety of the type of stores you see in any strip mall.

The schools are Garden Springs Elementary, Beaumont Middle and Dunbar High.  That’s a pretty respectable mix!


Prices?  You can get a 2200 square foot house without a basement for in the loooooow $200’s.  Most of the ones with a finished basement are going to run you about $300k.  I have been in some that are either super updated or larger than most that have gone for $350,000ish.

Some interesting info:  At the back of Dogwood Trace is a newer neighborhood called Dogwood Glen.  It has a slightly different vibe since it is newer, but house sizes and prices are about the same.  Give it another 10 years for the trees to grow and you won’t be able to tell the difference.  If you want this area, but want more modern features like an open floor plan and vaulted ceilings, you’ll end up back here.   Sometimes realtors like to tag houses that are in neighboring Harrods Point as being in Dogwood Trace.  They are doing this because they know people love Dogwood Trace.  In all reality, Harrods Point does offer everything Dogwood Trace does, just in a smaller more affordable package.  If you want to drop $140-225k in a house, Harrods Point would be a good place to do so….but it isn’t Dogwood Trace.

Like I said, I have sold two houses in this neighborhood this year.  Both the families really love it out there.  When we did the final walk-thru on one of them, all the neighbors were helping the sellers move and throwing a little good-bye party in the cul-de-sac.  I met several of the neighbors since they thought I was the buyer and not the realtor (happens a lot since I always wear shorts.)  Everybody was super nice.

On a scale of 1-10, I give it a 10 in everything.  It is a nice neighborhood, in a good part of town, has a nice school district and is just a nice, relaxing place to be.

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