LEXpert Neighborhood Tour: Gleneagles

I did a review of this neighborhood several years ago when I first started blogging.  I wasn’t as high on it as I am now.  Reason was that prices were falling faster than other neighborhoods and I thought there were better choices for the buyers back then.  Things have stabilized and now I give the neighborhood a thumb’s up.  See, back then, prices for Gleneagles were about the same as Andover Hills.  Andover Hills has a better performing school district and golf course running though it to help keep values up.  Back then my logic was why pay the same when you can get more?  Now that there is enough of a price difference, I think this area is a bargain.  In all reality, the two areas are so similar that I bet you couldn’t tell the difference between being on Huntersgreen in Andover and Caversham Park in Gleneagles.

Before you check out the video, let me clarify that I am mainly talking about the nicest part of Gleneagles in this video, which is between Barrington, Sunningdale and Polo Club.  This area has some nice houses and many of the lots back to greenspace…..some of the best greenspace in town in my opinion.

Schools are Yates, Crawford and Bryan Station.  All are far from the top scoring schools in town.  Fayette County Public Schools has bought land close by on Deer Haven and saaaaaaays they will be building a new elementary school……which should give this area a big boost if it lands in the new district.


2 thoughts on “LEXpert Neighborhood Tour: Gleneagles

    1. No problem. There is a lot to love about your neighborhood. Can’t wait for that new school to be built. Values have gone up since FCPS announced they had bought the land on Deer Haven!!

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