To catch a Buyer, gotta think like a Buyer

One of my favorite parts of listing a house is writing the marketing remarks and organizing the pictures.  I know I’ve got to keep it fun for a buyer to keep their interest or they just hit the back button and move on to the next one.  That’s why I organize the pictures from the best to the least rather than just dump them online in the order they were taken.

I recently picked up a listing that was referred to me from another client who has sold two houses with me…..I think this client thinks I am more of a magician than a realtor since I sold both houses in a terrible market and did it pretty quickly.

The new listing had been on the market right before I got it and received little interest from buyers.   Hard to believe since it is a beautifully decorated move-in ready house….they kind that you wish you could get your own house to look like!!  It also has the absolute best lot in the whole neighborhood:  At the end of a cul-de-sac backing to a farm.  Only problem is, the last agent didn’t really do much to let a buyer know all this.  It was as if there was just a template used  to market the house.  The problem with template type marketing is that it just doesn’t stand out, and you end up losing the soul of the house trying to squeeze it in the template.

They had 2 showings in 30 days during the last listing period.  I’ve had it on the market 11 days and had 3 showing and have two more already scheduled for this week.  We also got an offer on it last night that may (or many not) work out.  Just a few grand apart.  Crazy thing is that I told these sellers not to expect too much action since we put in on the market between Thanksgiving and Christmas, which usually is a pretty slow time of the year.

It’s the same house, what made the difference?  Marketing.  Most listing agents think like a seller.  I just try to think like a buyer.  A buyer is online asking each house they see “Why should I come see you?”  I just try to answer that question for them.

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