Some Real Estate Memories of 2012

This is the time of year that I like to grab a cup of coffee and remember all the places I’ve been and people I’ve met through the year.  I’ve been all over LEXington and the surrounding area……here are some of my memories:

1)  After living in LEXington since 1985, I finally ate at Burger & Shake on the north side of New Circle Road.  When I moved here, you could get either a burger or a shake for 29 cents.  They are now 99 cents.  I was out with Rob looking at houses for his family on that end of town.  It was lunch time, and Rob like unique places, so we tried it.  Sat out front on a picnic table and had a good lunch together.

2)  Normally you don’t want to meet the seller if you are the buyer’s agent, and you normally want to keep the same distance for your buyer.  Krystal was soooooo pregnant that I was worried she would have the baby during the home inspection……which didn’t go so well.  As we left, the seller, an older gentleman, came to the house and talked to us.  I sent the listing agent a very lengthy repair list.  They did EVERY repair.  Don’t know if that would have happened if they had not have seen her pregnant.

3)  I sold two houses on the same street.  That is a first for me.  Both to great families who just recently met at a mutual neighbor’s Christmas party.

4)  Keith and his large family needed a very specific type of house and needed it quickly since they were relocating here.  Nothing was really working out.  Right when I was starting to get nervous about finding them something in time, I got wind of a house that had not even hit the market yet.  It was just about as perfect as possible-the right floor plan, high end finishes, their first choice in neighborhood.  I am thankful my agent friend Donna and I talked or else we might have had to settle for something less due to their time constraints.

5)  I use to live in Kenwick before it became such a trendy place……my parents have always known what was cool before everybody else “discovered” it.  I sold my first house in the neighborhood to Elizabeth and Jason this year.  It was new construction on a lot where a small, worn out house had been.  The builder was probably the best builder I have ever seen.  Their house is awesome.

I guess one of the things I am most proud of as I look back at all the people I have helped this year is that all of them have reached out to me.  I haven’t done anything to solicit any of the work I have done.  Most people were return clients or referred to me by past clients, or people who have been following me.  That is a good feeling 🙂

Sooooooo, I’d like to thank the 30+ people/families who have let me come into their lives and solve their real estate problems for them.  Here they are:

Chris & Sara

Rob & Danielle

Jim O


Krystal & Josh


Duane & Dacian

Elizabeth & Jason


Gabe & Whitney



Ted & Michiyo

Matt & Kaz


Scott & Stephanie

Zac & Tomika

Ken & Michele

Greg & Lisa


Ron & Sheila

Elizabeth & Jason

James & Elvira

Sue & Joe

Ronnie & Phyllis

Brett & Farishta

Steve & Shelly

My wonderful wife Rhonda since we bought a house this year too!


Donna & Keith


Don & Nina


2 thoughts on “Some Real Estate Memories of 2012

  1. Thanks to you John. Bought four houses in my lifetime. This was the most challenging situation of the four: you were by far the best realtor.

    1. I appreciate the compliment. You were awesome to work with too. I almost wish you had not found your house so fast so we could have hung out together more 🙂

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