How I got my people their house with 2 other offers on it!

Just won my people their favorite house in multiple offers.  There were a total of 3 offers on this house.  Didn’t have to waive any rights nor did I have to go over the asking price.  Just used my head and presented my people as…..wait for it…..people and not just the names at the bottom of the page.

Remember, there is more to getting a seller to want to sell you their house than just the offer price.  There are inspections, closing dates, etc that are variables in the offer.  What I did do here is check the box that allows us to have the house inspected, but we will not ask for repairs.  We will take it or leave it.  But that wasn’t what got us the house.  Sure it helped, but the listing agent told me:

“Congrats! on Contract. Your presentation of the offer was Superb and your
Timing was Right On because two other buyers wanted this place Real Bad.
They identified with your little Note about the family.”

See, as I walked around the house with my client, I noticed the sellers have 4 sons.  My clients have a son too.  A toddler.  They mentioned to me that they plan on having more kids while we were inside the house……Sooooooo, I sent this note with the offer:

“My clients really wants this house for their 18 month old boy, (typed his name here), and his future siblings.   They want to be able to walk to the neighborhood park and like that it will be a good, safe area for him to grow up in.  They also appreciate all the updating your seller has done…….and I really loved their choice in granite!!”

Every bit of that was true, and I am totally sure that the other two agents could have said the exact same thing.  But they didn’t.  And they didn’t get the house for their client.

I totally believe most sellers want to feel good about who is going to live in their house after they leave.  Especially if the sellers are attached to the home and have many good memories there.  It is all about making it easy for a seller to say yes to you.  So much more complex than just going a little over the asking price, which is the default setting for most realtors.

Did you lose your dream house in multiple offers?  Afraid you might lose out when you do find the right one?  Give me a shout….I’ll get it for you!!

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