No Day-Light Savings postcards from me

I never wanted to do things like most agents do. I never wanted to send people postcards reminding them of Day-Light savings. I never wanted to send people bags of seed or basketball schedules, or give out a card to everybody I met. I wanted to be a realtor. To me, that meant being into real estate and filling my days doing real estate things rather than licking stamps trying to remind people I was a realtor. They told me it was a numbers game and you had to do stuff like that to remind your past clients that you were there. I told them if I did such a lousy job that my clients don’t want to use me again without having to be reminded, then I don’t deserve their business.

It’s been 8 years since I made the choice to not wear my friends, family, and clients out with reminders of who I am. I ordered a box of 1000 business cards in 2009 when I switched to RE/MAX. I think I still have close to 900 of them. They are on a shelf in my garage. I don’t even stick them in my Christmas cards. It is just not who I am.

I’ve always got some repeat work and almost all my clients enthusiastically have said they’d use me again. I always hoped they would, but moving is not something most people do all that often. So, it has taken until now to see that my style has paid off. I’ll be closing my 41st sale of the year this Friday. Of those 41 deals, 25 of them have been past clients or referrals from past clients. That is pretty rare for agents. I know because one of my favorite past times is to look at the history of a fresh sale to see if the listing agent was the buyer’s agent when the house last sold. I don’t see that it goes down that way often. I have only had 4 clients not use me again. Two were because they did a short sale and another was because their daughter got her real estate license. I know because I just looked though all of my sales to see if any of my buyers have listed their house since I sold it to them.

So, I am happy to say that it is possible to build a good real estate business exclusively on being a good realtor and wanting the best for my clients. I’ve had a wonderful career so far. Better than I ever imagined it could be…..but what makes me the proudest is that so many people have, on their own initiative, used more again or told their friends about me. And while I am here, I have to give a shout out to JD and Kristi who have used me 6 times and would have used me a 7th time this year had the house they wanted had a better foundation.

I think I had a post similar to this a few months ago, but it has been on my mind a lot lately.

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