Why this neighborhood and not that similar one?

So, I am standing in the yard of one house that is in a neighborhood I recommend. My client asks what I think about the neighborhood right next to it. Both are about the same age. Both are about the same price range. Both have the same school district. I tell him I usually don’t recommend that neighborhood. He asks why.

There isn’t really anything wrong with that other neighborhood. I guess the biggest negative is that it is right beside a neighborhood that is a better choice. See, the one he asked about is a smaller neighborhood. More than half of it is just one long road. There are cars parked all over the place and people drive too fast down that long road. The neighborhood we were standing in was larger. Larger is better in the sense that it is less likely to be negatively impacted by it’s surroundings. The neighborhood I liked was also a much prettier environment. The type of place you can see people walking dogs or kids riding bikes without the hassle of speeding cars or vehicles in driveways blocking the sidewalks. If the neighborhood I liked so much was not there, then I could give that other neighborhood my blessing…..but I am always about helping people sort through stuff like that so they can make the wisest decision possible.

Don’t just find a house you like. Find a house you like in a neighborhood that you will enjoy the environment and will be attractive to buyers when it is your turn to sell.

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