LEXpert on Location-Pleasant Ridge Park Lexington Ky

You know, I’ve been doing these neighborhood video tours that I post on my Youtube channel for quite some time. It just dawned on me that I mention a lot of the amenities of the neighborhoods in the videos but rarely show them. A lot of that is time. I don’t want to turn a video into a movie length commitment for my viewers. Well, I am going to start doing super short videos about some of the features in/around my favorite neighborhoods. This is the first, and it is Pleasant Ridge Park out by Andover Forest, Timber Creek, The Home Place and Gleneagles.

The park has a lot of sentimental value for me. I remember going there with my kids long before we become 40509ers. Once we moved out this way, this was my kid’s bus stop. We also use to ride bikes to this park ALL the time.

Here it is:

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