Why Winter Can Be a Good Time to Sell

Let’s say you have an average house, in an average neighborhood. Heck, let’s say you have a below average house in a below average neighborhood. Wonder when the best time of the year is to sell? Winter.

Sure, there are fewer buyers, but there is also less competition. Remember, there are two sides of supply and demand. I have seen countless times where a house keeps being a buyer’s 2nd or 3rd choice all year then sells in the winter. See, those winter buyers don’t have a lot of choices. For a house that has always been the bridesmaid but never the bride to sell, it means all the other better choices have already sold. If you take that average or below average house off the market and put it back on in the spring, it will keep being rejected because there will always be a better choice for a buyer.

What about the above average house? Those are always a buyer’s first choice regardless of the time of year. They sell winter, spring, summer or fall.

If you are thinking about listing your house this winter, make sure it is on the market no later than early February. Most sellers wait until April to list their houses. They want those first few warmer weekends to get their house ready. Most buyers start entering the market as soon as grass comes out of dormancy. You want to be there to catch those late winter buyers because they never have as many choices.

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